Hawaii Travel Awards

Distinguishing Excellence in Hawaii Tourism

The Hawaii Travel Awards serve to acknowledge, distinguish, and commemorate excellence across all segments of the local Hawaii travel and tourism industry.

The Hawaii Travel Awards, part of the ‘Guide’s Travel Awards’ series within Guide of US - America’s Travel Network, supports, promotes, and develops the local Hawaiian travel and tourism industry by recognizing and rewarding excellence and inspiring its professionals to perpetually raise the standards of their service, amenities, and product offering.

John Derrick
Published on: 08-22-2019
Published by: John C. Derrick

Award Distinctions & Tiers

Guide's Choice Award

The Guide's Choice is our most distinguished award, reserved for only the highest quality vendors and providers throughout the state of Hawaii. The Guide's Choice Award are presented across two tiers within the state of Hawaii: county (by island) and statewide. Each summer, GuideofUS and GuideofUS Hawaii carefully handpick and nominate a limited and exclusive group of tourism-related candidates for the Guide's Choice. The voting typically ensues in the early fall or late summer. The final winners of the prestigious award are subsequently announced once each year during the fall or early winter. Each Guide's Choice Award includes a yearly timestamp to distinguish the annual interval of the award. Nominees can receive the Guide's Choice year after year, every year.

Guide's Choice Award
Visitors' Choice Awards

Visitors' Choice Awards

Our Visitors’ Choice Awards, determined by visitor and consumer feedback, are provided to select organizations, accommodations, destinations, providers, and suppliers who meet our high-quality standards about travel and tourism within Hawaii. Each candidate is subsequently distinguished within one or more of the following categories: Top Pick, Must Do, Eco-Friendly, and Best Value. Unlike the Guide's Choice Award, the Visitors’ Choice awards are presented only at the statewide level. Given the more broad nature of the award, the Visitors’ Choice Awards do not contain an annual distinction mark for the year awarded. However, visitor feedback about each company is methodically and routinely monitored to ensure they meet our quality guidelines for the awards. The winners of the Visitors’ Choice Award are distributed at various intervals throughout the year.

Voting & Judging Process

The voting and judging process is performed by a select group of objective travel veterans and experts within the Guide of US organization. The final judges participating are chosen at random annually.

The votes cast are determined by several factors – including, but not limited to, personal experiences with a brand, qualified reviews from select visitors, and aggregated feedback based on our proprietary Guide review and Guidescore platforms (both of which consist of data compiled from hundreds of thousands of independent traveler and consumer reviews).

Due to extensive research and investigative efforts, both the experience and feedback provided by our travel professionals impact scores marginally greater than votes cast by non-industry voters (including travel visitors, customers, guests, etc.). To ensure the highest quality, all votes are internally audited to certify the validity of each distinctive vote.

Both Guide of US and Hawaii Guide continue to focus on and promote travel and tourism that respects, preserves, and authentically benefits local Hawaii destinations and residents alike. We seek to commend the organizations, companies, and establishments that genuinely work to maintain a respectable balance within Hawaii, promoting conscientious tourism to visitors as well as the local community.

Hawaii Guide's Choice Awards

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