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GuideofUS Hawaii offers over future travelers unsurpassed ease in organizing and booking their ideal Hawaiian vacation: from activity reservations to luxury accommodations, dining to horseback riding, leis to luaus, and anything you can think of about the Hawaiian Islands. Our proprietary 'Guidereview' ranking algorithm and our exclusive Hawaii Travel Awards also aid visitors in selecting the top tours, attractions, and lodging.

GuideofUS Hawaii helps promote, market, and advertise local businesses by assisting with email syndication, destination marketing efforts, display advertising, cost per event campaigns, tourism-related research, automated marketing, and highly targeted lead generation.

A key goal of GuideofUS Hawaii's exclusive 'Guidelink Marketing' system is to accurately refer and guide potential visitors to the most optimal choice of activities, tours, and accommodations. This is achieved through market research, ongoing analysis of visitor demographics, and a determined company focus of studying the Hawaii travel industry and market year-round.

Annual Readership: 3.3 million unique visitors (2019-2020)
Annual Pageviews: 5.9 million unique pageviews (2019-2020)

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Published on: 07-16-2020
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Our Advertising & Marketing Services

Native Advertising

Tile Advertisements

  • Tiles are designed to natively integrate with the surrounding content, which helps to more naturally promote your related services.
  • Tiles include a main image, title heading, call to action button and may include other relevant information.
  • Tiles can send visitors directly to your website (or reservation system).
  • Your Tiles will show up in related Hawaii search queries that visitors enter when looking for services offered by your company.
  • Tiles can also display award information and other additional details to visitors searching for your services.

Pricing & Details - We offer clients the opportunity to utilized our native Tile Advertisement placements by creating targeted/relevant links from specific high-quality content pages. The billing rate that is used for each campaign is determined by the type of business and demand for that category on GoUS Hawaii.

For CPC-only campaigns, each client can set their maximum monthly budget (minimum budget of $250 required) based on the quoted CPC rate. No long term commitment required; 30-days notice to cancel any CPC-only campaign.

More often, we suggest clients consider utilizing native Tile Advertisements alongside a dedicated business landing page, where pricing is discounted and is determined as part of a complete package.

Dedicated Business Landing Page

  • Your business will have its own dedicated and personalized landing page to promote your services within related section(s) of the site.
  • Your landing page will have a direct link (optionally, with follow link attributes) to your website and/or reservation website.
  • The listing must be approved by you, or another representative of your company, before going live on GuideofUS Hawaii to ensure accuracy and consistency with your brand and marketing message.
  • Live Examples: Kauai Exclusive Vacation Rentals or Valley Isle Excursions

Pricing & Details - Dedicated business listings include a $250 non-refundable set-up fee. The final listing price is determined based on the total number of listing placements and complexity of the listing itself. A lead form, photos, videos, and other options are available for business listing pages - please ask us for details. Because this is a premium service provided by our team, rates for this service begin at $3400/year with the balance due upon listing's final approval and prior to live placement on the site. Discounted rates are available for businesses who utilize multiple services with us (i.e.; bundled with Tiles, Guidelink, or Email Marketing).

Guidelink Intelligent Marketing

  • Guidelink is the unique process of pairing our visitors, at the proper stage of the travel-planning funnel, with the business services that best suit their respective needs.
  • This highly-targeted approach yields significantly greater conversion rates than traditional advertising or marketing strategies. This is because we intimately focus on each unique campaign to establish an authentic 'link' between the visitor and relevant services. This ultimately ensures value-driven results for our business partners, which are continuously refined through evaluation of our robust visitor network and the corresponding analytics.
  • Your company's information will be added into our Guidelink automated marketing system.
  • Guidelink will allow visitors, who indicated interest in services like those offered by your company, to immediately see your company in the corresponding results pages.

Pricing & Details - Guidelink billing is also typically included as a part of an overall client package. However, this service can be utilized stand-alone where pricing is CPC and based on demand. Each client can set their maximum monthly budget (minimum budget of $250 required) based on the quoted CPC rate. No long term commitment required; 30-days notice to cancel any Guidelink campaign.

Additional Marketing Services

Email Marketing Campaigns & Broadcasts

  • GuideofUS Hawaii currently collects thousands of opt-in visitor's contact information monthly. This includes their travel dates, choice of island(s), lodging budget, activities budget, and interest in related travel services.
  • This information is garnered through a variety of proprietary lead generation forms, visitor surveys, and quizzes meant to better serve our website visitors in planning their ideal trip. 
  • GuideofUS Hawaii can send out exclusive email broadcasts promoting only your company and its related services to our subscribers.
  • Your brand can optionally be included in our strategic email campaigns, which help visitors step-by-step through the process of planning and booking their trip: including accommodations, activities, transportation, and more.
  • On average, each visitor will receive approximately 24 unique travel-related emails, offering a variety of travel related advice, tips, and suggestions as they prepare for their upcoming trip. We have an email subscriber base of 180,000 total subscribers (past and future visitors), and we can specifically target active subscribers who will be visiting Hawaii in the coming months.

Pricing & Details - Dedicated email broadcasts include a $250 set-up fee. The final broadcast rate is determined by the total number of email recipients and other targeting criteria (i.e., the month of visit, island, budget, interests); but typically bills at $0.07-$0.15/recipient. To ensure the highest quality email list, our subscribers are pruned regularly to remove those who do not regularly engage or open mail.

Hawaii Visitor Guide & Map Packets

  • Display your company's graphic ads in our popular Hawaii Visitor Guides or Map Packets.
  • Each ad, within the digital copy of our visitor guides, will be hyperlinked to your respective company website.
  • Our Hawaii Visitor Guides & Packets are currently downloaded over 6,500 times a month.

Pricing & Details - Graphic advertising campaigns within our visitor guide are priced based on a run-period and the estimated number of impressions. The billing for this service is flat-rate and determined by the exact size(s) and placement(s).

Graphic Display Ads

  • Graphic ads provided by your company will appear on our site with an unlimited cap on the amount of impressions each month.
  • Your company will be able to provide us with as many graphic advertisements as you would like to rotate throughout our content pages.
  • These graphic ads can be targeted to a specific audience on the GuideofUS Hawaii site.
  • GuideofUS Hawaii team members will place ads to maximize exposure for your business services.

Pricing & Details - Graphic advertising campaigns are priced based on a run-period and estimated number of impressions. The billing for this service is flat-rate and determined by placement(s).

GoUS Hawaii Audience & Analytics

Highly Trafficked Website

Traffic Summary

GoUS Hawaii Traffic Summary
  • 3.3 Million Annual Visitors
  • Engaged audience with high loyalty rate
  • 61.24% Mobile Traffic (AMP & Responsive)
Demographics Summary
  • 58% of visitors planning their trip are female
  • 42% are under 35 years of age
  • 39% are between 35 and 55 years of age
  • 58% have a college degree
  • 22% have a post-graduate degree
Geographic Summary
  • 80% are visiting from the United States
  • 7% are visiting from Canada
  • 6% are visiting from Australia
  • 53% of US visitors are located in the Western US
  • 49% of Canadian visitors are located in Western Canada

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