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Hawaii-Guide.com offers over future travelers unsurpassed ease in organizing and booking their ideal Hawaiian vacation: from activity reservations to luxury accommodations, dining to horseback riding, leis to luaus, and anything you can think of about the Hawaiian Islands.

In the heart of the Pacific, Hawaii stands as a testament to rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are deeply passionate about the local Hawaii community, and it's our mission to uplift and showcase the diverse businesses that make the islands truly unique. With this vision, we are thrilled to offer local Hawaii business owners a great opportunity: a platform to advertise directly on our website.

Hawaii-Guide.com helps promote, market, and advertise local businesses by assisting with email marketing/syndication, destination marketing efforts, native display advertising, cost-per-event campaigns, tourism-related research, automated marketing, and highly targeted lead generation

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Why Work with Us?

Since 2002, our Hawaii website has virtually assisted tens of millions of visitors in planning and booking the Hawaiian vacation of their dreams.

As our audience grows, so does their hunger for authentic Hawaiian experiences, products, and services. By advertising with us, you not only tap into a network of eager consumers but also become part of a movement that champions local businesses.

Whether you are an artisan selling handcrafted goods, a tour operator offering unforgettable island adventures, or a restaurant serving up traditional Hawaiian cuisine, our platform & services can help amplify your voice and expand your reach.

Our dedication lies in creating a symbiotic space where both businesses and consumers (visitors) benefit. For businesses, we offer tailored advertising solutions, ensuring that your brand message resonates and captivates. For our visitor-oriented audience, we present a curated selection of Hawaii's finest, connecting them to genuine, quality offerings.

Ultimately, Hawaii-Guide.com can help place your business in front of potential Hawaii customers at exactly the right time in the travel-planning process.

Our Advertising & Marketing Services

Native Advertising

Hawaii-Guide Business Listing

Dedicated Business Page

  • Your business will have its own dedicated and personalized landing page to promote your services within the related section(s) of the site.
  • We will link to this dedicated business page in an appropriate category/listing page on our website.
  • Dedicated landing pages can additionally be promoted by using our CPC campaigns and/or email marketing promotion (see below).
  • Your landing page will have a direct link (optionally, with follow link attributes) to your website and/or reservation website.

Pricing & Details - Dedicated business listings include a $250 non-refundable set-up fee. The final listing price is determined based on the total number of listing placements and the complexity of the listing itself. A lead form, photos, videos, and other options are available for business listing pages - please ask us for details.

Hawaii-Guide Native Tile Ads

Native Tile Advertisements

  • Our native tiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding content, which helps to promote your related services.
  • Tiles include a main image, title heading, and call to action button and may include other relevant information.
  • Tiles can send visitors directly to your website (or reservation system).
  • Your Tiles will appear in related Hawaii search queries that visitors enter when looking for services offered by your company.
  • Tiles can also display award information and additional details to visitors searching for your services.

Pricing & Details - We offer clients the opportunity to utilize our native Tile Advertisement placements by creating targeted/relevant links from specific high-quality content pages. The billing rate for each campaign is determined by the type of business and demand for that category on Hawaii-Guide; typically, the rate is between $0.75-$1.50 CPC (cost per click). We also offer fixed-rate campaigns for those seeking a consistent budget.

Hawaii-Guide Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns & Broadcasts

  • Hawaii-Guide.com currently collects thousands of opt-in visitors' contact information monthly. This includes their travel dates, choice of island(s), lodging budget, activities budget, and interest in related travel services.
  • We currently have over 100,000 active subscribers who are currently planning a trip to Hawaii at this time.
  • Hawaii-Guide.com can send out exclusive email broadcasts promoting only your company and its related services to our subscribers.
  • Your brand can optionally be included in our strategic email campaigns, which help visitors step-by-step through the process of planning and booking their trip: including accommodations, activities, transportation, and more.
  • On average, each visitor will receive approximately 25 unique travel-related emails monthly, offering a variety of travel-related advice, tips, and suggestions as they prepare for their upcoming trip.
  • Using our email technology and visitor segmenting, we can specifically target active subscribers who will be visiting Hawaii in the coming months.

Pricing & Details - Dedicated email broadcasts include a $250 set-up fee. The final broadcast rate is determined by the total number of email recipients and other targeting criteria (i.e., the month of visit, island, budget, interests); but typically bills at $0.07-$0.15/recipient. To ensure the highest quality email list, our subscribers are pruned regularly to remove those who do not regularly engage or open mail.

Hawaii-Guide FareHarbor Bookings

Partner & Promote with FareHarbor

Already offering your tours or activities through FareHarbor? As a FareHarbor white-label partner (tours.hawaiiguide.com), we can help you increase bookings by promoting your tours directly.

  • We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with FareHarbor, a leading platform for online booking and reservation solutions.
  • We continually strive to enhance the user experience on our website and expand our service offerings, we recognize the immense value that partnerships bring to our ecosystem.
  • By leveraging FareHarbor's dynamic platform, we aim to provide an integrated, seamless, and efficient booking experience for our valued customers.

Joining forces with us gives you a direct channel to our expansive and engaged audience. By featuring your offerings on our platform, you can increase your visibility, amplify your reach, and boost your bookings. We believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and thus, we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your services are presented in the best light and aligned with our mutual objectives.

Pricing & Details - The rate for adding your tours and/or activities to our FareHarbor white label is determined by the type of services you offer and the quantity of tours/activities we'll need to add to our white label system. We suggest most businesses that choose this option also pair this service with our advertising/marketing services to help actively promote their tours on the hawaii-guide.com website.

Victoria Derrick

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