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Aggregated reviews on the best Hawaii Attractions, Accommodations, and Activities

How Guidereview Works

Creating our proprietary Guidereview is a multifaceted process. Launched in June 2015, we've carefully begun curating a selection of reviews from the travel industry's most respected tourism experts. We then assign independent scores to the reviews, and apply a weighted average to encapsulate the range of opinions found on each service. The end result is a single score that captures the essence of our evaluation in one Guidereview. Each activity, attraction, tour, and accommodation found on GuideofUS Hawaii only receives a Guidereview when we've aggregated at least three critical travel sources.

As of January 2019, we've curated over 14.2 million independent visitor reviews as a part of Guidereview.

How Guidereview Works
Interpreting Guidereview

Interpreting Guidereview

Each unique Guidereview can range from A-F, with higher scores indicating better overall reviews. To help visitors instantly compare, on each detailed attraction, activity, or accommodation entry we also provide a summary of our findings, alongside an aggregation date, that show trusted travel review sources.

Why "weighted average" is important

Guidereview is a weighted average in that we assign more importance, or weight, to some sources and travel publications than others, based on their quality and overall stature. In addition, for tours and activities, we also normalize the resulting scores (akin to "grading on a curve" in schools), which ensures our final grades don't cluster together.

Each Guidereview badge is also fully embeddable, and updates automatically, on any third-party website.

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