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As the second-largest island in Hawaii, Maui holds many beautiful splendors. No wonder visitors worldwide continue to fall in love with this island! Enjoy the beautiful terrains, warm and inviting beaches, and endless activities. Explore the adventures found on Maui like snorkeling, hiking, basking in the sun, and observing nature's handiwork.

The Highlights of Maui

Are you venturing to Maui for a multi-day adventure? Maui, a gorgeous island, awes travelers with its terrains. Consider heading to the Hana Highway. You will enjoy the endless yet striking views of lush trees, impressive waterfalls, and the bright blue ocean. Have you ever heard of black sand? Head to Waianapanapa State Park for this unique sight. Most consider it as the must-see feature of the island.

Customizing Your Maui Itinerary With Our Guide

Maui 'Pack-and-Go' Wayfinder Guides For Daily Excursions

Our guide explores how many days to spend in Maui. We list the best sights, best deals, and timesaving tips. Ultimately, our Maui itineraries share insider tips regarding any Maui itinerary: one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven-day. Our guide holds it all, whether seeking an adventure, relaxing beaches, killer surfing, or a romantic getaway. With the help of our itinerary, expect to manifest your dream Maui vacation!

On-page resources for Maui:

Mapping Your Maui Trip

Spend more time enjoying your vacation because our guide provides all you need to map your trip efficiently and thoroughly. Unlike other guides, our itineraries revolve around the must-see sights and their proximity to each other. For instance, we dedicate one day to an excursion of West Maui: attractions, beaches, and activities. Subsequently, we recommend using our itineraries as a grab-and-go resource for 'mapping' your trip. Thus, our guide will save you precious time and energy.

Choosing the Right Itinerary: Flexibility Matters

To begin, consider your length of time in Maui. Our itinerary for Maui spans from Maui day trips to Maui 7 days. Such a range makes it easier for you to choose the best plan. Such a choice offers you the flexibility to add or remove activities according to your goals. Like most travelers, we value the flexibility provided by day-by-day plans. These plans uphold the most prominent attractions and activities foremost. Yet, the flexibility of day-by-day programs easily accommodates weather changes, a sick child, an unexpected adventure, etc. If the weather cannot cooperate, switch that day with another. Unlike other plans, our flexible schedule offers you the best chance to experience the most must-see sights and must-do activities. 

Find Your Way Around Maui: Google Maps for Every Day on Maui

We've provided all Maui directions via Google Maps when possible. Input the address or the destination's name into your mobile device and go. To help you visualize each day's itinerary, we've also provided overview maps that help you get your bearings. Google Maps works on all platforms and across all devices.

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Expert Travel Tips: Creating The Best Hawaiian Itineraries

For over 20 years, we dedicated our time and effort to exploring the island of Maui. We know all the traps to avoid when visiting Maui, mainly if you have limited time. We know all the pitfalls to avoid when visiting Maui, especially if you have limited time. After discovering the culture, highlights, and important details, let us help you.  

Feel overwhelmed with all your travel plans? Check out our website to ease all of your concerns. Our website and Hawaii travel blog hold so much well-earned wisdom about the island. Discover:

  • Best shopping in Maui
  • Best areas to stay in Maui
  • Best things to do in Maui 
  • Day tours of  Maui
  • Most incredible places to stay in Maui
  • A plethora of beaches that span across the shores of Maui
  • Excellent trails and hikes across Maui

Get ready to fall in love with our guide to the island of Maui. One can easily stay in Maui for months without getting bored. Choosing a reliable guide will make all the difference. Get ready to fall in love with our guide to the island of Maui. We know you will find our itineraries resourceful while planning your trip.

Recommended Number of Days to Spend on Maui

Overview of Maui - the ‘Valley Isle’

As the second-largest Hawaiian island, Maui holds many wonders. Some quick highlights about Maui:

  • Trek the two major volcanic areas, from the  West Maui Mountains to the very expansive, active Haleakala on the eastern side of Maui.

  • Between the two volcanoes, find valleys filled with deposits.

  • Visit the lushness of the  "Valley Isle" in the island's center. Discover a vast array of greenery and vegetation. 

  • Hit the sandy beaches that span the island, especially along the West Coast.

  • Bask in the great climate and the sunny days. Maui's Volcanoes block most precipitation from ever reaching the island's leeward side. 

  • Delve into the rich green terrains found in the eastern portions of the island. Discover a lush paradise boasting waterfalls in many valleys.

  • Enjoy the Hana Highway (aka The Road to Hana) as it winds its way along the coast to the sleepy town of Hana in the bay.

  • Explore the dry and barren terrain on Maui's west coast.

Accommodations on Maui & Where to Stay

On Maui, most people choose to stay on the west side of the island in Lahaina or Ka'anapali. In contrast, others choose accommodations on the south shore, in Kihei or Wailea. We can help find the best stay in Maui. Scan our Where to Stay on Maui article for a list of Maui's best locations and accommodations. Don't worry if the two locations above aren't your starting point, as many accommodations, B&Bs, inns, etc., are scattered across the island. Regardless of where you're staying, we'll still help you plan accordingly.

Be sure to read our Best Time to Visit Maui article to deeply look at which time(s) to read best for your travel party on Maui.

Getting Around Maui

A rental car is the best option for getting around the island and viewing all the sights we detail in our itineraries on Maui. The rental rates in Hawaii are often some of the cheapest anywhere globally because the competition is fierce.

There is no reliable bus service on the island, and taxi services are expensive and illogical for sight-seeing purposes.

What to Pack on Your Maui Trip

Leave as much as you can at home. As part of the USA, you can find nearly everything in Hawaii. Most likely, you will not find it ideal, schlepping around three suitcases after a long flight. Considering your travel goals and past travel experience, we still highly recommend bringing only must-needed items.

Regarding clothing, consider packing:

  • A few pairs of shorts

  • Several t-shirts, cotton is best

  • Hats or visors to protect you from the sunny days

  • Sandals or flip-flops 

  • Light jacket for the higher elevations

Overall, such clothing items suit most outings, including fine dining options. Unless you plan to stay in an exclusive resort, our list will meet your vacation goals. 

Follow the "less is more" mindset for any additional items. We recommend bringing:

  • Sunblock (the UV in Hawaii is typically 10+ in the spring, summer, and fall), 

  • A backpack (for any hikes) and 

  • A water bottle

  • Slippers (flip-flops, shower shoes, zoris)

  • Equipment for snorkeling/swimming: mask, snorkel, and fins (or rent locally instead),

  • Two bathing suits (one to wear while the other dries) and a cover-up

  •  your phone or a camera

  • Lightweight raincoat or poncho (for mountain/rain forest hiking)

  • Bug spray with DEET (for any forest hikes)

  • Flashlight (if the sun goes down before your hike ends or for night walks on the beach)

  • Hiking boots and hiking rods

Last, leave behind all your troubles and worries. See our What to Pack When Visiting Hawaii article for more information on what to pack.

Ready to Help You With Our Hawaiian Guides

Are you ready to start your Maui adventure? Many people find planning a vacation daunting. Our team wants to make it easier by providing you with all the info you need in one place. Our itinerary packs useful information like detailed maps and detailed itineraries so you can make smarter decisions on your trip. You can even add activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, or horseback riding - whatever floats your boat! Get a sneak peek at what you can expect when visiting our island paradise! Click here to view our exceptional itinerary for East Maui, West Maui, South Maui, North Maui, and Haleakala & Upcountry. Click here for guides of Maui regions, more information about Maui, and the best lodging locations in Maui. Start planning your Maui vacation today!

Maui Highlights:

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2024 Maui
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