Top Hiking Trails on Big Island

Big Island Trail Guide

The Big Island has some of the best hiking trails in all of Hawaii; whether you're a hard-core trekker or just want to stroll and admire the scenery. Here are a few of our favorite Big Island excursions to get you started. We've included a bit of what to expect along the trail as well as what makes each hike to special. 

Green sand beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, petroglyphs- this and so much more awaits you on these incredible trails. We’ve done many of these hikes ourselves and think they’re some of the best Big Island hikes you’ll find. Need to know when’s the best time to hit the trail, where to camp, what to expect, and some trail highlights? Then check out some of our personal favorite Big Island treks here.

Big Island Hiking & Trails by Region

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Big Island Hiking Tours

One of the best ways to explore the Big Island is with an expert local guide- you really can’t beat their vast knowledge of the flora and fauna, history and legends, and their first-hand experience in navigating the trails.That said, not all tour providers are created equally; that’s why we’ve handpicked the absolute best Big Island hiking tours for you. Booking with these providers assures you’ll have some of the best guides in the business, on some of the top Big Island trails- whether you’re into birdwatching, an exciting zipline and hike combo, or a stroll on an exotic black sand beach.

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Big Island Hiking Gear

We know you’re eager to start exploring- but please don’t do so unprepared. Good gear is an indispensable part of your Big Island hiking experience; whether you’re on a leisurely walk or a multi-day hiking and camping adventure, having (or not having) the fundamentals can make or break your excursion. Books, boots, binoculars, and water bottles… we’ve got what you need.