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Things to Do & Visitor Tips for South Shore on Big Island Hawaii

South Hawai'i is one of the quietest areas of the Big Island. Here you'll find no large hotels or resorts, no major golf courses, and no real push for tourism. It's wild country out here. So what makes it worth exploring? How about some unique beaches for starters.

John Derrick
Published on: 07-13-2019
Published by: John C. Derrick
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The southern portion of the Big Island is home to two of the most unique beaches in the state, Papakolea (Green Sand) Beach to the northeast of South Point and Punalu'u (Black Sand) Beach Park off the Hawai'i Belt Road (Highway 11).

As mentioned above South Point is another popular destination in the southern region. Despite what some may argue, the South Point of Hawai'i is further south than any other location in the United States, including the Florida Keys. The sea cliffs in this area are quite fascinating. Ka'u Desert also exists in this region on the southwest edge of Kilauea volcano.

This area was once a booming sugar cane region, but South Hawai'i today is home to agricultural communities that produce delicious Ka'u gold oranges.

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