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Pipiwai Trail's Bamboo Forest

Maui Hiking Trails Guide

Best Places to Hike on Maui

Maui hiking is a popular activity when visiting the island of Maui. In fact hiking on Maui is a great family activity plus an excellent way to spend the day regardless of whether you're hiking with a group or by yourself.

Maui has some absolutely fantastic trails - hikers surely won't be disappointed. Here, we'll cover some of the best hikes you can find on Maui. You can hike a trail leading into a rain forest or trek into a gulch with a 400-foot waterfall (Pipiwai Trail, beyond Hana) as your reward. If you'd prefer, venture along the ridge of Waihee Valley and commune with the clouds and spot rare birds and tropical plants. You can even explore the erosional crater of Haleakala volcano and view one of the world's most bizarre and rare plants, the silversword. In fact, we're especially fond the multitude of trails at the summit of Haleakala (Keoneheehee Sliding Sands Trail is fantastic for views into Haleakala).

In this section, you can get a hiker's view of the trails through our many photos plus loads of first-hand trail information and tips - trust us, we have the well-worn hiking boots to prove it! Ultimately, whether you choose to strike out on your own or take a guided hiking tour, the Valley Isle's trails are full of adventure.

This entry includes resources for Maui's Top Hiking Trails, including tips, advice, trail rankings, maps, and more.

Top 10 Maui Hiking Trails

The numbered hikes listed below are our absolute favorites on the island of Maui. When ranking trails for visitors, we consider several variables - trail length, difficulty, elevation change, views, clarity of the path, and general safety. Regardless of whether you're a beginner looking for a quick morning hike or an experienced trailblazer longing for a full-day trek, Maui offers a diverse array of incredible trails; here are our top picks.

Hosmer Grove Loop Trail

Upcountry & Haleakala Region
#10 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

Hosmer Grove Trail is located (just barely) inside Haleakala National Park. At approximately mile marker 10.5 on Highway 378, just after entering the park, you'll want to turn left to the start of the Hosmer Grove trail. The trail is a half-mile in length.

Haleakala's summit area and its barren moon-like landscape is a real treat for the senses. But if after exploring that region you find yourself longing for the company of green trees and vegetation, a hike among the Hosmer Grove Loop Trail's cedar, spruce, pine, eucalyptus, and more will surely be a pleasant adventure. 

Wai'anapanapa State Park Trails

Hana Highway Region
#9 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

The black sand beach here garners most of the attention, but it isn't the only attraction at Wai'anapanapa (Why-Ah-naa-paa-naa-paa).

The park also features sculpted lava rocks, wind twisted foliage, a sea arch, lava caves and tubes, and even a blowhole in the lava rocks near the shoreline. The area around the park is also very interesting to hike through. There are a few wet caves and lava tubes with fresh water running through them.

More hiking is available to the southeast, where you could technically hike all the way to Hana town.  This is the Waianapanapa Coastal Trail

La Perouse Bay Trails

Kihei & Wailea (South Maui) Region
#8 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

Haleakala's last display can be seen on Maui's southeast shore at La Perouse Bay. Scientists estimate that in 1790 Haleakala erupted to form the jagged lava rock coastline. Now there is a monument and ruins of Hawaiian natives who made their home on the sharp a'a lava rock.

Here you can walk through the lava and explore the sea estuaries. This is a favorite place for dolphins and local fishermen. Make sure to wear sunscreen and be prepared for wind. 

Twin Falls Trail

Hana Highway Region
#7 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

Just beyond mile marker 2 on the Hana Highway, a bridge crosses the Ho'olawa Nui stream and here you'll find Twin Falls.

Walk-in through the small grassy area to a rock with a map drawn on it. Using this make-shift map you should be able to navigate to the various falls at this location. The round trip takes about an hour.

Kuloa Point Trail

Hana Highway Region
#6 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

The Kuloa Point Trail is located at the Oheo Gulch, beyond Hana. This short hike is another great hike for families that will take you in the opposite direction of the Pipiwai Trail, down along the stream makai (towards the ocean) to where the major pools spill into the ocean.

It’s very scenic in places and we always enjoy trotting down to watch locals jump in the pools from above. We’re of the opinion swimming here is risky due to the flow of the pools, but check with the rangers to see about swimming conditions. Sometimes the flow of the stream is much lighter and this allows visitors to take a quick dip in these majestic pools.

Iao Valley State Park

Central Maui Region
#5 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

While not necessarily a traditional 'hike,' the Iao Valley offers a great place to walk around and explore incredible scenery. Nestled in the lush greenery of the 'Iao Valley is the natural rock formation called the 'Iao Needle.

The green-covered stone protruding from the valley floor is actually an old basaltic core (volcano remnant). The 'Iao Needle is 2,250 feet above sea level, or 1200 feet tall from the valley floor. 

The 'Iao Needle is surrounded by a very lovely walkway and garden of lush tropical plants. Surrounded on all sides by the Pu'u Kukui Crater, it was the site of one of the most famous battles in Hawaiian history. 

Waikamoi Ridge Trail

Hana Highway Region
#4 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

The Waikamoi Ridge Trail loop is located along the Road to Hana Highway, in northeast Maui.

It’s a short loop, or you can take the extended path up to the picnic area further up the ridge. This is a great short hike in the 'jungle' for families along the Hana Highway.

Waihee Ridge Trail

West Maui Region
#3 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

Waihee Ridge Trail, located in northwest Maui, takes you along a journey up the spine of Waihee Valley, and while it can be quite a climb (especially at first), the journey is very Kauai-esque if you ask us.  Kauai is the oldest and westernmost major island in the chain, and this hike has scenery we feel resembles that island.

If it’s clear of clouds when you reach the top, the views are surreal. Even if the clouds do sock you in, it’s a mystic experience to sit there in the silence and focus on the energy of Maui.

This is one of our favorite hikes, and if not for the steep incline at the beginning of the trail (and it is really steep) we think this trail would be a lot more popular.

Keoneheehee - Sliding Sands Trail

Upcountry & Haleakala Region
#2 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

The Sliding Sands Trail is located atop Haleakala Volcano in Haleakala National Park. You’ll want to dress warmly for this hike, as it can get quite chilly.

Also, be sure to prepare yourself for jaw-dropping views into the Haleakala volcano. It may look big from the summit lookout, but to really appreciate just how BIG this volcano is, you’ll want to hike down into it a bit. Go as far as you feel comfortable because it’s going to be some work physically to get back out. The elevation loss/gain is pretty consistent, so even if you only hike the first half or full mile in, it won’t be bad hiking out.

Be sure to stay on the trail, you don’t want to damage the rare and native Silverswords that grow near and around the trail. The contrasts of colors as you go along the trail are incredible, and the Martian-like landscape is pretty amazing to view in person – photos just don’t do it justice.

Pipiwai Trail

Hana Highway Region
#1 Rated Hiking Trail on Maui

The Pipiwai Trail is located at the Oheo Gulch (7 Sacred Pools), in northeast Maui. This four-mile (round trip) trail takes you through some incredible sights, including a mysterious bamboo forest that’s sure to delight, and concludes at the impressive horseshoe-shaped valley with 400’ Waimoiku Falls cascading down the walls before you. 

Be sure to take your camera or phone, it’s not every day you’ll get a sight this impressive. Best of all, Waimoku Falls is usually flowing, even when it has been dry on Maui – so it’s always worth the hike.

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Wander through an enchanting bamboo forest on one of Maui’s best trails. Explore the Haleakala summit area and spot the Hawaiian state bird- the Nene (Hawaiian goose). Stroll along a coastal trail and enjoy some of the best views in Hawaii. Or stock up on supplies and spend a few days hiking and camping in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth- nothing could be more perfect! Find your perfect trail right here.

Hana Highway Hiking Trails

Central Maui Hiking Trails

Iao Valley State Park#5 Best Hike on Maui

South Maui Hiking Trails

La Perouse Bay#8 Best Hike on Maui

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