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We understand surfing the website with advertising can be frustrating, but unfortunately, for free publications like ours, ads are the primary means by which to support our small business and make it sustainable. We sincerely hope this new option provides a mutually beneficial solution for those who want to surf without any advertising.

Donating any amount, even $5.00, to help HawaiiGuide publish new Hawaii material/content will enable AD-FREE mode on the Hawaii-Guide.com website for at least 60-days! Benefits to Membership also include a number of additional perks. 

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Plus Membership Perks

For cumulative donations under $30
  • 100% ad-free for 60 days
  • 25% off select digital products 
  • Unlocks exclusive website content
  • Personal access to Hawaii experts
  • Support for local causes/charity

Premium Membership Perks

For cumulative donations $30.00+
  • 100% ad-free for unlimited days
  • 100% off select digital products 
  • Unlocks exclusive website content
  • Personal access to Hawaii experts
  • Support for local causes/charity

Access to Premium Hawaii Content

Exclusive Hawaii media & content

HawaiiGuide is regularly adding new content to the website, and now we'll be adding Premium Hawaii Content that's exclusively available to HawaiiGuide Plus & Premium 'members' who provide a donation.

This currently includes maps, simplified forms, widgets, budget calculators, videos without the ad pre-roll, downloadable Hawaii content, plus a lot more we'll be adding over time. Look for the new "Premium Content" banner for more exclusive content.

Discounts on Hawaii Store Media

Applicable to select digital media products

HawaiiGuide Plus and Premium now included a new benefit, discounts on our digital Hawaii Travel media in our online store. In many cases, the savings alone from these digital products make donating a great value.

  • Premium Members receive 100% off a variety of digital products.
  • Plus Members receive 25% off select digital products.

Access to Our Team of Hawaii Experts

Within a few days of your donation, a member of our HawaiiGuide team will personally email you, touching base, and offering to provide any assistance you might personally need. We can't promise we can answer every Hawaii question you might have, but we'll do our best and always try and point you in the right direction if we don't have the answer.

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The new Ad-Free mode will be enabled by default for anyone who donates after January 29, 2022. If you have previously donated, please contact us and we'll send you a link to enable ad-free mode. Mahalo!

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By donating to our small business, you will help us to continue publish new Hawaii media and content on this website. We are a for-profit entity, and it is important to note that any and all donations are not tax deductible. By donating any amount, you accept and acknowledge these terms. Mahalo for your support!

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