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GuideofUS Hawaii was designed to be a one-stop resource for future Hawaii visitors planning their trips to the islands. Since 2002 – through the use of our website, mobile applications, guidebooks, email subscribers, social media channels, and digital visitor guides – our mission has remained the same: to be an all-inclusive visitor guide to the Hawaiian Islands.

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John Derrick
Published on: 07-16-2020
Published by: John C. Derrick

Highly-Trafficked Website

GoUS Hawaii Traffic Summary

  • 3.3 Million Annual Visitors
  • Engaged audience with a high loyalty rate
  • 61.24% Mobile Traffic (AMP & Responsive)

Demographics Summary

  • 58% of visitors planning their trip are female
  • 42% are under 35 years of age
  • 39% are between 35 and 55 years of age
  • 58% have a college degree
  • 22% have a post-graduate degree

Geographic Summary

  • 80% are visiting from the United States
  • 7% are visiting from Canada
  • 6% are visiting from Australia
  • 53% of US visitors are located in the Western US
  • 49% of Canadian visitors are located in Western Canada
Highly-Trafficked Website
Traveler Data

Traveler Data

Visitor Timeline & Dates

  • 97% plan to visit Hawaii within the next 2 years
  • 86% plan to visit Hawaii within the next 12 months
  • 38% plan to visit Hawaii within the next 6 months
  • 65% book recreational tours & activities prior to arrival

Expected Duration of Hawaii Visit

  • 78% plan to stay on average 5 – 11 days
  • 21% plan to stay on average 12 – 21 days

Highly Engaged Audience

  • 98% use and trust GoUS Hawaii as a resource to plan their trip
  • 72% visited an advertising partner website

Additional Analytics Data

Traveler Budget Data

  • 59% have a lodging budget of $100 - $300 per night
  • 18% have a lodging budget of over $300 per night
  • 37% have an activity & tours budget of $75 - $300 per person
  • 27% have an activity & tours budget over $300 per person

Email Marketing Stats

  • Thousands of active/engaged subscribers segmented by planned visit period
  • 600-850 emails distributed, per day, to visitors at various trip-planning stages
Additional Analytics Data
GuideofUS Hawaii Audience & Analytics Image

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*All Analytics data was compiled from Google Analytics & Ezoic Analytics, along with our email marketing platform (Drip).
All traffic statistics are from time period between February 2019 - January 2020.

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