Top Hiking Trails on Kauai

Kauai Trail Guide

There is so much to learn and explore on the Garden Isle and one of the and most intimate and exciting ways to do so is by hiking any of the island's spectacular trails. Call us biased, but Kauai is home to many of the most spectacular hiking trails in all of Hawaii. In fact, many hikers travel to the state with the sole purpose of hiking Kauai’s NaPali Coast Trail. The cliffs of the NaPali Coast drop straight to the ocean below and the rugged scenery is a wonder to behold. Here, indescribable beauty mixes with culture and history. The impressive Kalalau Valley, at the end of the NaPali Coast Trail, used to be home to over 6,000 indigenous inhabitants prior to the arrival of the western world in the Hawaiian Islands.

Waimea Canyon, also known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," and Kokee State Park encompass several distinct ecosystems within a small radius. One of the most rewarding aspects of hiking on Kauai is to set off on your trek through a high altitude forest and suddenly find yourself at the edge of a cliff looking 3,000 ft. below to the ocean. Fortunately, the Garden Isle has trails for hikers of all ability levels, so there's no reason not to get out and explore. 

Kauai Hiking Tours

If you think hiking in Kauai is an epic experience- which it is- then try hiking with a seasoned local guide who knows the ins-and-outs of the sights, flora and fauna, history and legends, and practically everything else you’ll love to learn about the Garden Isle’s hiking trails. We recommend these professional and highly-rated guides and have either used them personally or our team of Hawaii travel experts has selected them just for you. Book your Kauai Hiking Tour with confidence and get ready to make some memories!

Kauai Hiking Gear

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for your Kauai hiking adventure. Make the most of your precious vacation time by being comfortable, safe, dry, and ready for anything that comes your way. Pick up your hiking books, travel essentials, rain gear, and more right here and hit the ground running (or hiking) in Kauai.

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