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As the most populous and iconic island in the Hawaiian archipelago, Oahu offers a wide range of experiences for travelers to enjoy.

At HawaiiGuide, we understand how much time and effort go into planning the perfect Oahu vacation. We also know that your precious vacation time is limited and that you want to experience only the best adventures on Oahu. To this end, we have carefully handpicked these Oahu Tours and Adventures with you in mind. Name an activity or tour and you can likely book it on Oahu: hiking, whale watching, surfing, paddle boarding, ziplining, horseback riding... the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Also, we believe in paying it forward and giving back, so every Oahu tour or package booked on our site will have a portion of its proceeds set aside for sponsoring sustainable and environmental charities that help preserve the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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Oahu Experiences

Oahu is known as the "Gathering Place," and with so many things to see and do it’s no surprise, it’s the most visited of all the Hawaiian Islands. Choosing from a seemingly infinite number of adventures can be a bit daunting; that’s why we’re highlighting the absolute best Oahu Must See and Do here- to let you know what makes the island truly shine.

Oahu just might be the perfect island to visit- the climate is fabulous, cultural activities abound, and the island is steeped in history. Plus, if you love the fresh air you’ll enjoy world-class water and beach fun, as well as gorgeous green panoramas just waiting for you to experience. Check out some of Oahu’s Must See and Do Adventures:

Oahu Luaus


A cultural experience like no other, luaus are not just a feast, but a special way to celebrate an event. The abundant and delicious food represents the aloha spirit that brings you and your island hosts together. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the storytelling through hula dancing, music, and cultural displays. When you’re at a luau, you are ohana.

Pearl Harbor

The site of one of the most pivotal moments in US history, Pearl Harbor stands as both a monument and final resting place for 1,177 young men aboard the USS Arizona. A tour to the museums and memorials at Pearl Harbor offers not only a solemn reminder of “a date that will live in infamy”, but a way to honor the fallen.

Diamond Head 

No trip to Oahu would be complete without a trip to Hawaii’s most recognized landmark, Diamond Head. This geologic wonder is also known as “Le’ahi”, which means “brow of the tuna”, an acknowledgment of its unique shape. Climb the historic hiking trail to the top- once a part of Oahu’s coastal defense system- and enjoy views nothing short of spectacular.

Snorkel Hanauma Bay

Not only Oahu’s most famous snorkeling spot, but also a nature preserve, Hanauma Bay is a postcard-perfect, crescent-shaped cove that hosts a rainbow of tropical marine life. The waters here are clear and calm and the fish abundant, tame, and easy to spot. If you only snorkel once in Hawaii, do so at Hanauma Bay.

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