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Tell us about your interests, and our personalized concierge will recommend the best tours and activities tailored just for you. We can now also suggest Big Island of Hawaii accommodations based on your preferences.

Instead of sifting through countless options (we have over 500 unique Big Island tours, and roughly 50 lodgings, to select from), let our intelligent concierge widget guide you to the perfect experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii, focusing only on what you want.

How to use this tool: Simply enter prompts like "Snorkel Tours" or "Hiking Tours" and the engine will suggest the best five tours for you. Want to surf through our listing the old way, check our Big Island Tours here.

Can I use this for accommodations? This feature is in beta, but we can provide Big Island hotel and lodging recommendations now too. We'll keep this page updated accordingly with further updates... stay tuned!

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