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Big Island Black Sand Beach

This black sand beach which separates the beautiful Pololu Valley from the ocean is a lovely stretch of fine black sand rimmed with black lava rock and shockingly emerald green beach ground cover. However, rough surf and the occasional appearance of Portuguese Man-o-wars make it not the ideal beach for swimming.

John Derrick
Published on: 05-22-2019
Published by: John C. Derrick

Awini Trail leads down to the black sand beach takes approximately half an hour to hike. The dirt and root trail can be steep in places, but the various views of the valley along the way make even part of the walk worth it. You will find the trailhead near the parking lot. Look mauka and you should see a brown sign guiding you to the trail. It is smooth sailing going down, but getting back up can be a real workout.

Once you reach the valley, you'll pass through a small picnic area and can either continue on the path above the beach or go down and wiggle your toes in some black sand.

Pololu Valley is located at the end of Highway 270 in Kohala.

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