Makalawena Beach

Kailua-Kona Big Island

Makalawena Beach

White Sand, Lava rock, and Chickens!

Like anything worthwhile, Makalawena Beach makes you work a little bit to enjoy it.

This secluded white sand beach is a crescent broken up by rocky lumps of lava. Palms and other trees rim the dunes near the northern end where you are greeted with picnic tables and some wild chickens. It's not likely that you will run into many people here and those that you do meet may not be fully clothed - consider yourself warned.

To reach Mak Beach (as it's sometimes called) start at the far north end of Kekaha Kai's Mahai'ula Beach and find the rocky a'a path near the clump of palm trees. It's about a 20-minute walk across the lava to the beach. Access is also possible from Kua Bay to the northeast (though the trail is vaguer from that direction). You may also encounter a band of roving goats, too. Not bad...chickens and goats on the beach!

Remember, the same ocean rules apply. Swimming is good on the larger crescent when the water is calm. Needless to say, there are no facilities or lifeguards at this beach. You may want to take a look at our Kekaha Kai - Kona Coast State Park Map as well before attempting to access this location.

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Geolocation Data

Geographic Coordinates

Latitude: 19.79216855
Longitude: -156.0295302

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beach_access Lifeguard
No, this beach is very secluded.
multiple_stop Length
Roughly 0.5 miles
bathtub Facilities
None, though some exist at nearby Kekaha Kai State Park
pool Activities
Short Hikes
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