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Oahu Romantic Beaches 

So you’ve decided to get married on the beautiful island of Oahu- and we couldn’t be happier for you! Known as "The Gathering Place," Oahu and its beaches provide the perfect setting to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Best of all, having your destination wedding on Oahu makes things simple for both you and your guests- you get a wedding in paradise, the joy of having both your wedding and honeymoon in the Hawaiian Islands (if you choose), and you won’t have to adapt to a foreign country. Plus, because Oahu is the most visited of all the Hawaiian Islands, direct flights to Oahu from the mainland are plentiful. So check out our Top Beaches to Get Married on Oahu and get your wedding planning started.

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Makapuu Beach

Makapu'u Beach

Located on Oahu’s eastern shore about 40 minutes from Waikiki, Makapu’u Beach is simply a fabulous location for an Oahu wedding. The area provides a gorgeous seascape complete with white sand, crashing waves, deep blue waters, and stunning lava rock formations. If that weren’t enough, Makapu’u lighthouse can be seen from most points on the beach. There’s also a bird sanctuary just offshore at Rabbit Island. Due to beach conditions, we recommend Makapu’u for ceremonies from sunrise to about 4 pm.  Bottom line: Makapu’u is our favorite Oahu wedding beach.

Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach

Located about 20 minutes from Makapu’u, this stunning beach gets a thumbs up for its spectacular mix of green forest backdrops, turquoise waters, and some of the softest white sand your toes will ever touch. Plus, it’s one of the longest stretches of white sand beach on Oahu. As with Makaup’u, Waimanalo is ideal for early AM to mid-day nuptials.

Waialea Beach Park - Kahala Beach

Waialea Beach Park/Kahala Beach

Located just a few minutes from world-famous Waikiki and near the legendary Kahala Hotel and Resort, these beaches are absolutely stunning. And while they are technically two separate beaches, we are combining them here as they are right next to one another. Even though this area is one of the most popular Oahu beach wedding locations, don’t expect large crowds. But do expect plenty of palm trees, a beautiful peninsula, and even a small island just offshore, making for a spectacular backdrop. Most couples choose morning to early afternoon wedding times here.

Magic Island

Magic Island

Located within the larger Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island offers unforgettable views of Diamond Head, soft white sand, lush green spaces, and the Waikiki city skyline in the backdrop- classic Honolulu at its best. And if a sunset wedding is your dream, Magic Island will not disappoint. Hold the ceremony on the grassy knoll then stroll to the beach for more pictures- magic indeed! Please note it can get busy here, especially on weekends, so most people choose weekday nuptials.

Diamond Head Beach Park

Diamond Head Beach Park

Nestled at the foot of the iconic Diamond Head crater, Diamond Head Beach Park provides the perfect setting for your Oahu destination wedding. Another selling point: the sunsets here are absolutely gorgeous! Be aware that the beach here is very narrow, so you can hold your ceremony on the grass or the lovely rock platform that overlooks the ocean. And as one of Oahu’s best sunset wedding locations, you’ll have loads of amazing photos to remember your special day.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

This popular Oahu wedding beach most certainly lives up to its name, as some of the island’s most breathtaking sunsets can be appreciated here. When ocean conditions are calm, the waters here are an enchanting crystal clear blue and the white sand stretches two miles, making it one of the island’s longest sand beaches. Located along the North Shore, Sunset Beach is wonderful location for an intimate sunset wedding.

Of course, this list isn’t all inclusive and your Top Oahu Wedding Beach may vary depending on the number of guests you plan to invite, the time of day you choose, what time of the year you’ll be visiting Hawaii, and what amenities you’ll need access to. What won’t vary, however, are the picture-perfect wedding, stunning photos, and lifetime of memories you’ll owe to Oahu.

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