Best Beaches to Have a Wedding on Kauai

Kauai Romantic Beaches 

We are so happy you’ve chosen the lovely Hawaiian Islands as the place to say ‘I do’ and assure you you’ll find some of the world’s most breathtaking locations for a destination beach wedding. Plus, getting married in Hawaii is easy, as the wedding and permit process is simple. And if you’re considering the lush island of Kauai for your nuptials, you’ll be pleased to know that The Garden Isle has more beaches than any of the other Hawaiian Islands.

Most Kauai beach weddings take place along the North, South, and East Shores. When deciding on a location, keep in mind the time of day you’ll be getting married, time of year, number of guests in attendance, and, of course, your own personal preferences. We know weddings can seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together our picks for the Top Beaches to Get Married on Kauai.

Shipwreck Beach

A popular South Shore favorite, Shipwreck’s Beach (as it's also referred to) can be a bit busier than some of the other beaches that made our list, but the sunsets here are gorgeous and the weather usually smiles on this beach. Plus, wedding photo opportunities are wonderful! The water is a stunning blue that contrasts beautifully with the rocky shoreline and cliffs. Also, the soft sand beach is wide and flat, so there’s plenty of space. It is also conveniently located near the elegant Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, one of the best luxury hotels on Kauai. Again, it is a popular wedding location, so you may have "additional" guests on your special day.

Anini Beach

We just love this North Shore wedding beach- and what’s not to love about Anini Beach? First, there’s the long, thin, soft sand beach with plenty of trees. Plus, the sparkling water is shallow and calm thanks to hosting Hawaii’s largest reef. Also, the black lava rocks are abundant and look gorgeous in wedding photos. Those looking for a more private setting will find several secluded sections where the vibe is very romantic. This location is popular for afternoon ceremonies.

Ke'e Beach

This North Shore gem is the gateway to the world-famous Na Pali Coast, so expect the views and wedding photo ops here to be nothing short of phenomenal. Located at the end of the road at the farthest point you can drive along the North Shore, Ke’e Beach is surrounded by lush greenery and forests, has a lovely golden beach, and hosts year-round gorgeous sunsets.

Tunnels Beach

Another favorite for beautiful sunsets, Tunnels Beach is just a few minutes from Ke’e Beach. And, like its neighbor, it features loads of lovely photo spots. Lush green mountains and palm and ironwood trees accentuate the brilliant waters. Also known as Makua Beach, this locale is popular for midday ceremonies if you want the bright colors for your photos. Sunsets are also lovely, but the sun will set right behind the gorgeous mountains. Note that it can get busy at times, as snorkelers and general beachgoers love it, as well.

Waipouli Beach

This pretty East Shore location offers several secluded spots for your ceremony and is conveniently located near the Waipouli Beach Resort. There is plenty of greenery around the beach, and lush mountains provide a backdrop that is only possible in Kauai. Depending upon the season, midday to early afternoon weddings are suggested.

Nukolii Beach

Also known as Kawailoa Beach, Nukolii is not nearly as well-known as some of our other picks. Located on the East Shore, Nukolii Beach is approximately two miles of gorgeous soft sand- the longest East Shore beach. Of course, the lush greenery is stunning; the azure waters mesmerizing, and the lava rocks make for some stunning contrasts against the bright sky and ocean. Plus, you’ll likely see some driftwood artfully placed- seemingly just for you! We admit it: We simply adore this hidden gem and we’re calling it (a tie for) our favorite Kauai wedding beach. If you’re looking for a secluded location you’ve just found it. 

Lydgate Beach

Located about three miles up the coast from Nukolii, Lydgate Beach shares not only the top spot, but also all the breathtaking scenery of its neighbor; making for spectacular wedding photo opportunities. There’s a gorgeous little cove for plenty of privacy, as well as shade for your guests, lava rocks, greenery- everything you need for a perfectly romantic Kauai destination wedding. And like its neighbor, it’s generally most popular for midday to early afternoon nuptials.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the Top Beaches to Get Married on Kauai. We know your perfect wedding beach may vary, but the lifelong memories of your special Kauai wedding will surely endure.

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