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Last Updated: March 2022

'Safe Travels' has concluded as of March 26th for domestic U.S. travelers 

According to Governor Ige, the state of Hawaii will drop the current 'Safe Travels' program for domestic U.S. travelers at midnight on March 25, 2022.

That now means as of March 26th, domestic travelers to Hawaii will no longer need to fill out online forms via Safe Travels, no longer have to worry about QR codes, no longer have to provide proof of vaccination, and ultimately, there won't be any additional requirements or restrictions to fly to Hawaii on a domestic flight.

More information, including all travel advisories, and the steps for international travels can be found on our Hawaii Travel Updates page.

All of the following information is now for historical purposes only!

Aloha, below we've included the official list of Hawaii's approved trusted testing partners. Click any official partner name below to drop to that partner's detailed section.

According to Hawaii's official State Department of Health, the state lists its approved domestic U.S. trusted testing partners as: American Family Care (AFC)+, American Samoa Department of Health+, Atlas Genomics+, Capstone Clinic+, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care+Clarity Lab Solutions+, Color, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation+, Costco/AZOVA+, CVS HealthDefense Health Agency's Center for Laboratory Medicine Services+, Discovery Health MD, Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS Guam)Doctors Test Centers+, Guam Department of Public Health+, Go Health Urgent Care****+, Kaiser PermanenteQuest+, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada+UC San Diego Health+, University of Washington Medicine+, Vault Health, WalgreensWestPac Labs+, and XpresCheck+ (as of November 2021).

Digital Health Pass Trusted Partners

Digital Health Pass partners include CLEAR, CommonPass, and AZOVA.

Airline Trusted Partners

Airline partners include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines (CareNow, and LetsGetChecked), Hawaiian Airlines+ (UMC of Southern Nevada, US Biotek, Vault Health, and Worksite Labs), Oakland International Airport+, Southwest Airlines+, Southern California's Ontario International Airport+, and United Airlines+ (Go Health, Color, and ADL Health).

More Information...

Recent Changes & Updates
  • Quest+ was added back to the Trusted Partners list in late November 2021.
  • Defense Health Agency's Center for Laboratory Medicine Services+ has been added as a trusted partner in November 2021.
  • Doctors Test Centers+ and AZOVA+ were added as trusted testing partners in August 2021.
  • New international partners were added for French Polynesia (Tahiti) in June 2021, and for the Philippines in July 2021.
  • Southern California's Ontario International Airport and CommonPass were added in early April 2021. 
  • UC San Diego Health, which has been added and removed multiple times, was added back to the list in March 2021. 
  • Previously, the state of Hawaii had also listed Bartell Drugs as a Trusted Partner, but they have since been removed from the official list and are no longer trusted partners at this time. 
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Editor's Note...

We recognize questions remain about testing availability & timeliness for these tests with trusted partners. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide additional updates & testing providers, as provided by official state sources, on this page. Travelers may want to sign up for our weekly email updates that we're currently sending about the status of Hawaii's reopening. This email update will include any new partners that have been recently added to the pre-travel testing program.

If your organization is interested in becoming a trusted partner with the state of Hawaii, please see the 'How To Become a Trusted Partner' section below.

— article continued below —

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Trusted Trans-Pacific U.S. Testing Partners & Costs

Pharmacy Partners | Official Partners | Airline Partners

— Last Updated at the COVID-19 State of Hawaii Portal in November 2021

Official U.S. Pharmacy Partners for COVID-19 Testing & Costs

CVS Health

CVS Health – Travelers may schedule an appointment up to fourteen days in the future at select CVS Pharmacy drive-thru locations. Tests are available for ages 5 and older. Pre-registration is required. Please do not walk-in to your neighborhood CVS. Select "Molecular lab test PCR/NAAT." Do not select "Rapid-result test" or LuimraDx SARS-CoV-2 (Ag) Test, as that is an antigen test and NOT accepted by the Safe Travels program within Hawaii.

Testing Note:  As noted above, potential travelers should also be aware of what one reader recently shared with us, "Even though CVS is a trusted partner, Hawaii does NOT accept the CVS Health Rapid Test." The CVS rapid test is a 'Lumiradx Sars-Cov-2-AG' test, and it is not an acceptable NAAT test currently required by the state of Hawaii.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente (members only) - Kaiser Permanente members may schedule a test online, or contact the appointment call center or nurse advice line in their home region for scheduling instructions. Kaiser Permanente members returning home to Hawaii may call the Away-from-Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 for scheduling instructions. Information can be found. Test costs should be FREE for members.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Results may take longer due to increased demand. We're also unclear about their current availability. Proceed with caution at this time.


Walgreens - Available by appointment at their website. There are no out-of-pocket costs for eligible individuals ages 3 years or older that meet CDC criteria. Either the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) or the Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR) will be accepted.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: As noted above, the Walgreens website notes that the turnaround results time may vary, so travelers should plan accordingly. Some test results may take up to 72 hours, and due to the new restrictions effective beginning this past November 24, 2020, and still applicable today, that leaves us to advise proceeding with caution at this time for those specific tests. Instead, since Walgreen's website also states that the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW): The Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) - NAAT (ID NOW) test is performed on-site with results available within 24 hours, if possible, we'd recommend that option be selected for travel to Hawaii at this time.

Digital Health Pass Testing Partners for COVID-19


CLEAR - COVID test or vaccine record verification for travelers from any mainland U.S. point of departure. CLEAR offers passengers traveling to Honolulu additional lab options for Hawaii’s Safe Travels COVID-19 test requirement. Consumers have the choice to find a convenient testing option, among CLEAR’s large nationwide network of healthcare entities, labs, and at-home testing options.


CommonPass - CommonPass is a digital health app that you can use to present standardized, verifiable proof that you were vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19. CommonPass is simple, intuitive, and free for users. Use CommonPass and supported labs to instantly verify your COVID-19 test results in the Hawaii Safe Travels portal. Consumers have the choice to find a convenient testing option, among the CommonPass nationwide network of healthcare entities, airport testing labs, and at-home testing options. Learn more on their website.


AZOVA - COVID testing and vaccination record verification for ages 2+ from any mainland or US territory point of departure.

Official U.S. Testing Partners for COVID-19

We do not have specific costs for all of the following partners, however, we have received confirmation from the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) that each of these partners listed below is participating in the Hawaii pre-test travel program.

American Family Care

American Family Care (AFC) - More than 200 AFC locations nationwide are confirmed Trusted Testing Partners with the State of Hawaii. All travelers ages five (5) and up are able to visit their local AFC location, no more than 72 hours before their flight departure time in compliance with travel requirements, for a pre-travel COVID-19 test. A printed version of test results will be provided to the traveler(s) prior to leaving the AFC center. Visit their website for more information.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Test results may take up to 72 hours. Due to the new restrictions effective beginning this past November 24, 2020, and still applicable today, we advise proceeding with caution at this time.

American Samoa DOH

American Samoa Department of Health - The American Samoa Department of Health Clinical Laboratory is a CLIA-certified moderate complexity testing laboratory situated at the Tafuna Health Center Clinic. It provides necessary clinical laboratory testing services for the people of American Samoa, including the FDA-authorized Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) test required for passengers to participate in the State of Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program. For more information, visit the AS-DOH website.

Atlas Genomics

Atlas Genomics – Atlas Genomics is a CLIA-certified, high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory based in Seattle, WA. We are dedicated to providing our clients with premium quality service and timely results, both locally and across the nation. Travelers on their way to Hawaii may schedule testing through our convenient online portal and visit one of our five Seattle area locations for sample collection. Expedited same-day results are available for those travelers utilizing our Renton or Bellevue locations. For additional information or to schedule a test, please visit their website.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Results may take a couple of days. Proceed with caution at this time.

Capstone Clinic

Capstone Clinic - Capstone Clinic is eager to offer pre-travel testing to the residents of the State of Alaska in preparation for their visit to the Aloha State. Capstone has six full-service health care facility locations on Alaska’s road system and at the Ted Stevens International Airport and numerous regional airports statewide. Capstone has over 250 employees and has performed over 125,000 COVID tests. For information visit their website.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Test results times are uncertain. Travelers may want to proceed with caution at this time.

Carbon Health

Carbon Health - Carbon Health offers COVID-19 tests for Alaska Airlines flyers at dedicated testing sites with results available in a Carbon Health account on the Carbon Health desktop site or mobile app for iOS or Android by 2 p.m. the next day after taking the test. Tests available for infants as young as three (3) months (the State of Hawaii requires tests for those 5 years and older). Registration instructions and costs can be found on their website. The cost of the COVID-19 test varies. In Portland, the cost is $135 and in all other Carbon testing locations, the cost is $170 per test.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: No concerns, as results are returned to travelers the following day.

City Health Urgent Care

City Health Urgent Care - CityHealth Urgent Care and its team of expert clinical staff and infectious disease physician consultants offer testing utilizing state-of-the-art Molecular PCR tests. Tests available for ages five and older. Information and costs can be found here. $0 out-of-pocket cost with most insurance or federal program for the uninsured.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Results may take a couple of days (24- 48 hours). Proceed with caution at this time.

Clarity Lab Solutions

Clarity Lab Solutions - Clarity Lab Solutions as Clarity Mobile Ventures ("CMV"), are supplying a COVID-19 testing and clinical laboratory facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This lab and test collection station will be located across from terminal 6 and will provide COVID-19 testing solutions for passengers, airport, and airline staff. In addition, Clarity Lab Solutions high throughput lab in Boca Raton, FL will be used for overflow testing if excess testing capacity is required for results within 24 hours of receipt. For more information visit their website.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: No concerns, as results are typically ready the following day.

Color Genomics

Color Genomics - Color supports the nation's first COVID-19 testing program for airline passengers. Tests available for ages five and older. Information can be found online here. As noted above for United Airlines, the cost is $250 for a rapid test performed on the day of travel, OR there is an $80 mail-in test that needs to be completed 72 hours before travel.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: No concerns, though they are limited to a specific airline/location. Testing costs may be a concern for some travelers.

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation - The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) Laboratory located on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is CLIA certified for Moderate AND High complexity-testing. Our CHCC Laboratory provides the necessary clinical laboratory testing services for the people of the CNMI, including the FDA-authorized Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) test required for traveling passengers to participate in the State of Hawaiʻi’s pre-travel testing program. Information about COVID-19 Testing for Travel at CHCC can be found on their website.

Costco Wholesale

Costco/AZOVA - Costco Wholesale, in collaboration with AZOVA, is offering at-home, observed FDA-authorized COVID-19 saliva rt-PCR testing for travelers (Costco members and non-members) for ages five years and older from anywhere in the United States. Tests are delivered via UPS overnight delivery and electronic shareable results are available in 12 to 48 hours from the time the lab receives the test sample.

Crunched for time? Costco has launched an in-Pharmacy COVID-19 traveler testing solution in select markets. Register online and then purchase and pick up your COVID-19 saliva rt-PCR test kit at one of 123 participating Costco pharmacies across the US.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: None at this time. 

Defense Health Agency's Center for Laboratory Medicine Services – DoD Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP) Laboratories: DoD’s clinical laboratory regulatory framework as established within DoD Manual 6440.02, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP) Procedures, has been determined by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, IAW Subpart E, Accreditation by a Private, Nonprofit Accreditation Organization or Exemption Under an Approved State Laboratory Program, to be equivalent, to the maximum extent possible, to the substantive requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments regulations set forth in Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 493, Laboratory Requirements. DoD’s clinical laboratories provide laboratory testing services to Military Health System beneficiaries (e.g., Service Members or retirees and their family members/dependents) authorized care IAW Title 10, Armed Forces, United States Code, Chapter 55, Medical and Dental Care, or other appropriate authorities.

The Defense Health Agency's Center for Laboratory Medicine Services may be contacted at: [email protected]

Discovery Health

Discovery Health MD – Individuals traveling to Hawaii may schedule testing online with same and next day results at designated testing sites. Tests available for ages five and older. A limited number of walk-ups can be accommodated. Information can be found on their website here.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: None due to same-day results. Higher test costs may be a concern for some travelers.

Doctors Test Centers

Doctors Test Centers – Doctors Test Centers is a team of medical professionals based in Chicago who are experts at COVID-19 travel treating. Doctors Test Centers have a well-established history of providing travelers with fast, reliable results ensuring safe travel both domestically and internationally. With locations inside the Chicago airports, Doctors Test Centers coordinate with airlines to assist all travelers to reach their destination safely. More information can be found on their website.

Go Health Urgent Care

Go Health Urgent Care - Rapid COVID-19 Testing—with results in 15 minutes—is available at our designated centers:

  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/northwell
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/legacy
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/dignity
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/hartford
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/novant
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/mercy-springfield
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/mercy-oklahoma
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/mercy-arkansas
  • https://www.gohealthuc.com/christianacare

We also offer testing on Level 1 of the International Terminal at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). To learn more about travel testing in your area, please visit their website or select your location above.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: None due to same-day results. Higher test costs may be a concern for some travelers.

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada - Located in the heart of Las Vegas, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada serves as Nevada's leader in COVID-19 testing, with a dedicated COVID-19 laboratory capable of processing 10,000 tests per day and providing results in an average of 12 hours. In response to an urgent need for improved COVID-19 testing capacity early in the pandemic, UMC built a second on-campus laboratory dedicated solely to COVID-19 testing. This expanded testing capacity provides UMC with new opportunities to promote widespread public testing amid an unprecedented public health crisis.

UMC proudly serves as a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii, offering the robust testing resources needed to support the Safe Travels Program in Las Vegas. People traveling from Las Vegas to Hawaii can visit their website to schedule their testing appointments with UMC.


Quest – Quest offers COVID-19 testing at over 1,500 locations. If you are eligible, testing may be available at no cost to you. If you are not eligible, molecular testing is available starting at $119. Appointments are required and get booked up due to high demand, so schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Click here (Quest) to learn more.

Quest will be providing the required Hawai'i Safe Traveler form to all patients. In order to view the form, you must log into your MyQuest account through a web browser (not mobile app), access your test results and then look for "SAFE TRAVEL FORM" in the top right corner of your screen. Be sure to follow the instructions on the form.

UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health – UC San Diego Health, the San Diego region’s sole academic medical center, offers COVID-19 PCR testing at several convenient drive-up locations throughout San Diego County. Upon scheduling your test, you will receive a confirmation email outlining testing details and other important instructions. Tests are available for all ages and performed by a friendly and welcoming team of experts. Save your spot 72-hours in advance of travel by scheduling early, Hawaii travel testing is limited. For more information, please visit their website.

University of Washington Medicine

University of Washington Medicine - The University of Washington Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology offers approved testing for travelers to Hawaii at specific UW Medicine and community testing collection locations. Please visit their website for more information.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Test results may take up to 72 hours. Due to the new restrictions effective beginning this past November 24, 2020, and still applicable today, we advise proceeding with caution at this time.

Vault Health

Vault Health - At-home tests with real-time audio-visual supervision are available with Vault Health, the first FDA-authorized saliva test. Tests are mailed with accurate results in 72 hours or less. Information and costs can be found online here. Costs may be reimbursable by insurance under the Cares Act.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Due to increased demand and potential shipping delays, Vault may have some issues. Proceed with caution at this time.

WestPac Labs

WestPac Labs - WestPac Labs is now offering COVID-19 Testing Services as an approved partner of the State of Hawaii's Trusted Testing and Travel Partners Program. Travel testing services are only available through select participating providers. A list of these select providers is located on their website. WestPac Labs is part of Sonic Healthcare USA. Sonic Healthcare USA is a leading provider of state-of-the-art laboratory and pathology services throughout the USA with eight operating divisions and nearly eight thousand US-based employees, 330 Pathologists, and serving 30 million patients per year. For more information, visit their website.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: Test results times are uncertain. Travelers may want to proceed with caution at this time.


XpresCheck - XpresCheck is a multi-state, airport-based wellness center specializing in Covid-19 testing. We offer PCR tests with results within 72 hours, and Rapid Molecular Covid tests with results while you wait. Locations and appointment scheduling can be found on their website with Hawaii-specific information on this page.

Testing Timeframe / Concerns: PCR test results may take up to 72 hours. Due to the new restrictions effective beginning this past November 24, 2020, and still applicable today, we advise proceeding with caution at this time.

Official U.S. Airline / Airport Partners for COVID-19 Testing & Costs

The airlines themselves are not performing the tests but have teamed up with official testing partners (see 'Official Testing Partners' above) to provide the pre-travel test to their customers flying to Hawaii. These airlines understand the pre-travel testing requirements and are reliable sources of testing and information on testing options. Travelers must follow the prompts of the airline and cannot deviate from the process provided. Below is the information we currently have available on each airline.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines - To help travelers prepare for Hawaii's pre-travel testing program, Alaska Airlines will partner with Carbon Health and Bartell Drugs to offer COVID-19 testing across the West Coast. Additional information from Alaska Airlines can be found here.

American Airlines

American Airlines - American Airlines will offer three options for pre-flight COVID-19 testing to customers with flights from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to Honolulu and Maui.  The cost will be $129 for the at-home option. American will release details later on the cost of other options. Their press release can be found here. According to the COVID-19 State of Hawaii portal, official Hawaiian Airlines testing partners include the following: CareNow and LetsGetChecked.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines - Hawaiian Airlines recently announced they are expanding Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Options with a more convenient at-home service. Read their press releases here and here for additional testing information. The cost is $150 for same-day drive-thru results; OR $90 for results within 36 hours; OR $150 for a mail-in saliva test. According to the COVID-19 State of Hawaii portal, official Hawaiian Airlines testing partners include the following: UMC of Southern Nevada, US Biotek, Vault Health, and Worksite Labs.

On 10/28/20, Hawaiian Airlines announced it is offering drive-thru testing to its passengers departing from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The test site is located 10 miles from the airport, and costs are the same as noted above.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines - we are currently awaiting more information on Southwest Airlines Hawaii pre-test participation... but it appears they are participating through a partnership with both CVS and the Oakland Airport (see below).

United Airlines

United Airlines - Starting last October 15, 2020, those traveling on United from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Hawaii now have the option to take a rapid test at the airport or a drive-through test 48-72 hours before travel. The cost of the rapid test, administered by GoHealth, is $250 and is performed on the day of travel. There is a $105 drive-through test, administered by Color, that needs to be completed within 72 hours of travel at a testing facility located at the United technical operations facility parking lot. Eligible customers will receive detailed information about the test and how to sign up via email one week prior to their trip. Both tests are pre-approved by the state of Hawaii. Read their press release here.

According to the COVID-19 State of Hawaii portal, official Hawaiian Airlines testing partners include the following: Go Health, Color, and ADL Health.

Oakland Airport

Oakland International Airport - Oakland International Airport (OAK), has announced a program to help travelers meet the Hawaii test requirement to avoid quarantine. The program launched October 15, 2020, is FREE, and is provided through a partnership between CityHealth Urgent Care and the Oakland International airport. This free, rapid result COVID-19 test will allow passengers flying to the Hawaiian Islands to bypass quarantine restrictions. Travelers should ensure they schedule their flights through OAK with enough time to receive the test result before they board the plane for Hawaii.

Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport - Ontario International Airport is now the second airport certified by the Hawaii State Department of Health as a trusted testing partner. Together with Ontario International Airport Authority's (OIAA) testing partner Covid Clinic, Inc., OIAA will offer several COVID-19 testing options, including for those traveling to Hawaii under the Safe Travels Hawaii pre-travel testing program. Passengers may choose one of two testing options for travel to Hawaii – an expedited PCR test that provides results the next day or a rapid molecular NAAT test that provides results within 60 minutes. Travelers may utilize these testing options either on a "walk-up" basis or by appointment, 6:30 am – 10:30 pm every day, at the airport testing location in Parking Lot 3. Full details and appointments are available on their website.

Additional Sources for Testing

The following testing sources have announced Hawaii pre-test plans, but are not yet confirmed by the State of Hawaii. At this time, we are including the information below for informative-only purposes only until we receive official confirmation from the Lt. Governor or the Hawaii Department of Health. We've received word that additional testing partners may be announced in the coming days or weeks.

  • No additional sources/partners have been announced at this time.

How to become a Hawaii Trusted Partner...

If your organization is interested in becoming a Trusted Partner with the State of Hawaii please send an email to [email protected] with the name of the organization and a point of contact email. This information will be added to a list of interested organizations and when the State moves forward with onboarding another tranche of trusted testing partners this will ensure that you are notified about the process. The process will typically involve a wide-call for submissions of interest, a paring down of the submissions for further vetting, and then finalization of the next tranche.

Please note that the State of Hawaii has the discretion to onboard trusted partners at any time and may do so if it determines there is a compelling need.

Hawaii Inter-Island Trusted Travel Partners

Hawaii Inter-County Testing Partners

Official Inter-Island Pre-Travel Testing Partners for COVID-19

As of June 15, 2021, all inter-island travelers will no longer be required to create a trip itinerary in Safe Travels for inter-county travel, and neither a pre-travel test nor proof of vaccination will be required.

International Trusted Testing Partners

Hawaii's International Official Pre-Travel Testing Partners

Currently, international travelers from Japan, Canada, South Korea, TaiwanFrench Polynesia (Tahiti), and now the Philippines are now the first international travelers allowed to bypass the 10-day quarantine if they've taken a COVID-19 test from a trusted testing partner in their country of origin. The test must be taken no earlier than 72-hours prior to departure, and the test must be negative.

Because we expect the list of International Testing Partners to grow substantially as more locations are added, we have moved our list here: Hawaii International Trusted Travel Partners →

Additional Information & Links

Details and thorough information on Hawaii's pre-travel testing, for both trans-Pacific and inter-island travel, can be found on our Hawaii COVID Testing Requirements & Test Procedures →

More information on the current COVID-19 rules & restrictions, including for each Hawaiian county/island, can be found on our updated page for Hawaii Travel Restrictions →

Additional information on Hawaii's re-opening process, along with a frequently updated traveler FAQ, can be found in our article: Hawaii Reopening to Visitors - What you need to know →

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On that page, we've compiled a list of all the major Hawaii resorts, hotels, b&b's, inns, and attractions that have already reopened or plan too soon, and their reopening dates when applicable.

Latest Hawaii COVID-19 Travel News & Headlines

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Additional Hawaii COVID-19 Information & Resources

The following resources have been compiled by GoUS Hawaii to better assist travelers in navigating the various restrictions and state-approved test requirements for visiting Hawaii during the COVID pandemic. If you have questions, we are always happy to assist, and you can contact us anytime. You may also want to direct your questions to an official state resource, and we've compiled an updated list of Hawaii Official COVID-19 Contacts for travelers, including phone numbers and email addresses when applicable.

Information Disclaimer: Details and information on this page, including dates, may change on a day-by-day basis. While we will be making every effort to keep these pages relevant and up to date, the decision to travel is ultimately your own responsibility. Please travel safely and keep an eye on our Hawaii Travel Requirements page for more information regarding COVID-19 and re-opening in Hawaii.

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