After a day full of air port hoping, Columbia to Chicago; Chicago to Los Angeles; Los Angeles to Lihue, we finally made it.

The moment we stepped off the plane, and walked into the terminal my misty eyed self knew everything would be ok.  We had arrived at the only place I've felt 100% at peace.  It's easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the mainland's go, go, go mentality, I'm guilty of that for sure, but the mana on Kauai and general feelings I experience just consume me. The rush of slowing down leaves you no choice but to do the same mentally.

In an effort to stay on EST we went to bed pretty early even though on east coast time it was already the next day. I really enjoy sticking to that time line as far as sleeping when we are here.  We are up before the sun, and go to bed shortly after the sun goes down.  Works great for the long hike days, traffic, and over all "beating the crowds."  

Our first full day we generally spent working a little and getting settled.  John and I woke up a little before 3:00am and started working, we worked til about 7:00am since John took a half-day.  Wal-Mart is always an interesting experience, even here.  Thankfully we managed to get the majority of things on our list in this single trip.  Prior to getting on-island I wrote down when and where local farmer's markets were for every day of the week.  Fortunately I found some for every day but Tuesdays.  Kmart was our last morning stop, and boy was I excited to find a fresh produce section.  Grabbed some romaine, roma tomatoes, grapes, bananas, a papaya, and a delicious looking mango and we were set.  We got back to our place and of course saw our lovely host and friend, Lorna.  I always enjoy "talking story" with friends here.  Her excitement for us and our move is with out a doubt contagious, and helps me to know that our "struggles" throughout the process will be worth it.  Later that afternoon we decided to head south to get some better pictures of a few things for our site.  Lawai Beach and Koloa Sugar Mill were among the list of ones we didn't have a picture at all for. We did a little walk through shopping at Spouting Horn's vendor shops near the picnic tables and rest rooms where John found some great fish hook necklaces (which he collects, seemingly by the dozens).  Once we got back home after grabbing a quick dinner we hung out for the rest of the evening.  I ended the day with some reflecting on the lanai.  Not only was it the anniversarry of the 9/11 attacks the day also marked a monumental day for the state of Hawaii, especially Kauai.  Hurricane Iniki made land fall 20 years ago back in 1992.  The storm left basically no vegatation on Kauai's terrain and thousands of houses destroyed.  Devastating to say the least. It's certainly a story that makes you appreciate what you have and the people in it.

We are extremely grateful to be here for the month working/living and look forward to sharing the journey. 

Until next time...

Me Ke Aloha,



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