Oahu Events in June

Events & Festivals on the Island of Oahu

Summer is coming to Hawaii, and the island of Oahu is right in the middle of all of it. The June calendar is piling up with events, many of them (understandably) outdoor/ocean-related.

We still recommend keeping an eye on the calendar as the dates approach. For instance, one major June 2022 event - the Pan-Pacific Festival in Honolulu - was recently canceled this past year due to ongoing COVID concerns.

Here are some of the most fantastic events and festivals coming to Oahu this coming June.

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2023 Events and Festivities

Events for Oahu in June 2023 will be posted in the coming weeks. Typically, we'll update this page about six to eight weeks before the month in question. Below, you can review a summary of what happened within the last 12-18 months, as many of these Hawaii events are held annually.

2022 Events and Festivities

T&C Surf Grom Contest

This surfing contest is unique in that it is for kids. Less a competition and more of a celebration, this year Kuhio Beach will once again be the playground of some of the most impressive junior surfers in the world. There is also a special tandem event where adults join in.

When: June 4th and 5th, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Where: 2453 Kalakaua Ave, Kuhio Beach, Waikiki

More Info: T&C Surf Events

Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships

This heavily sponsored, high-level surfing event will be the initial stop on an ensuing world tour. Held at the iconic Queen’s Surf Break in Waikiki, it is hard to imagine a more ideal location for such a tour to kick off.

When: June 7th - 11th, 8 AM - 5 PM

Where: 2424 Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki Beach

More Info: 2022 Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships

1st Annual IBC Junior Pro

It isn’t just surfing on the horizon. This June, the International Bodyboarding Corporation is also hosting a major competition in Oahu. This event also focuses on youth athletes and will be held on the weekend of June 25th and 26th at Sandy Beach.

When: June 25th, 26th, 7 AM - 4 PM

Where: 8801 Kalanianaole Hwy, Sandy Beach, Honolulu

More Info: Kaikeha Hawaii

King Kamehameha Lei Draping Ceremony, Floral Parade

This beautiful Honolulu tradition involves draping the famous statue of King Kamehameha in a vibrant array of leis. The following day a parade will be held, starting from Iolani Palace and ending at Queen Kapiolani Park. This year will mark the 105th annual parade, dating back to well before Hawaii’s statehood.

When: June 10th, 2 PM - 5:30 PM

Where: 417 S King St, Aliiolani Hale, Honolulu

More Info: King Kamehameha Celebration Commission

Ka Nai Aupuni

This totally free public event is essentially a festival of art, music, and live performance to celebrate the Kamehameha Dynasty. It will be held at the Royal Hawaiian Center the weekend of June 11th and 12th.

When: June 11th, 12th, 12 PM - 7 PM

Where: 2202 Kalakaua Ave, Royal Hawaiian Center, Honolulu

More Info: Pa’i Foundation

Beach Days Market

For local arts and crafts, you’ll want to head over to Aloha Home Market in Kailua on Sunday, June 12th. For their special Beach Days Market event, you’ll find jewelry, furniture, food, clothing, and much more unique and locally made.   

When: June 12th, 9 AM - 2 PM

Where: 340 Uluniu St, Aloha Home Market, Kailua

More Info: Aloha Home Market

We hope you find this to be a helpful starting place for filling your Oahu calendar. As always, mahalo and best wishes for your visit!

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