'Locals Only' Beach Parking on Maui?

Maui is discussing implementing 'locals only' parking hours at select beaches

Maui County is moving to implement a new parking asset management program called PARK MAUI. The program focuses on tackling various issues associated with the confluence of cars, visitors, and limited space that have long troubled the island. Still, lately, one particular move has been getting extra attention. Officials recently announced a plan to introduce locals-only hours for parking at certain beach parks in Maui, and Kamaole Beach Park and Ulua Beach have been named so far.

This is an apparent expansion on the already-announced plan to only charge parking fees to non-residents. Now it seems that Maui residents - meaning those with a valid Hawaii driving license who register with the program - will not only be exempt from parking fees, but they will also have a 3-hour window each day where they are the only ones allowed to park at all. 

A consultant from PARK MAUI was recently quoted by Hawaii News Now saying that it is yet to be decided whether such privileges will be granted to all Hawaii residents or just Maui residents. Either way, the fees, which may range from $10 to $30 per vehicle, and the daily periods of restricted entry, which will likely be from 7 AM to 10 AM, will apply to the vast majority of people who visit Maui’s beaches on any given day.

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Nobody wants to pay parking fees or be barred from entering the beach, but such restrictions are designed to improve the experience for locals and visitors alike ultimately. Revenue collected will go to the Maui Department of Transportation, which plans to use it for repairing and maintaining the roads, signs, bathrooms, lighting, and other essential features at these popular beach locations.

Maui officials say the PARK MAUI program is set to be implemented sometime in 2023, either in spring or at the start of summer.

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