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Events & Festivals on the island of Kauai

This holiday season on Kauai promises music, celebration, and opportunities for immersion in nature and the local community. If you’re visiting the Garden Island in December, count yourself lucky!

Here are the most exciting events and festivals coming to Kauai in December 2022.

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Island Breeze Concert: Jeff Peterson, Riley Lee, and Kenny Endo

Music is all over the islands. Less common, however, are ambitious three-way musical fusions. That’s exactly what lucky visitors to Kauai in early December are getting with the Island Breeze Concerts coming to Kilauea and Lihue. Slack key guitar, Taiko drum, and Shakuhachi are all played onstage together by masters of the respective crafts - your ears don’t want to miss it.

When: December 3rd, 5 PM - 7:30 PM; December 4th, 2 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: 5-2723 Kuhio Hwy, Kilauea (Anaina Hou, Porter Pavilion Complex); 4331 Kauai Beach Dr, Lihue (Kauai Beach Resort) 
More Info: Island Breeze Concert - Eventbrite

Photos with Santa at Healing Horses Kauai

Healing Horses is an excellent place for kids, and during the holiday season, it becomes even better. On the afternoon of Sunday, December 18th, take your family for a unique photo opportunity you are likely to keep on the mantle for ages - or get record likes on social media with!

When: Sunday, December 18th, 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Where: Kapa’a Bypass Rd, Kapa’a (Healing Horses Kauai)
More Info: Healing Horses Kauai

New Year's Eve Celebration

Of course, December is also the month of New Year's Eve! Poipu Beach Park will be traditionally ringing in the New Year. There will be a spectacular fireworks show, tons of food trucks (and remember, Kauai food trucks - meaning just about the best you'll ever find on planet Earth), and an outdoor family movie screening.

When: Saturday, December 31st, 5 PM - 8:45 PM
Where: Poipu Beach Park, Hoona Rd, Koloa
More Info: Call 808-265-2096 or email [email protected] 

Wailua Bay Creator Fair

Stop by the Wailua Bay Creator Fair at the Hilton Garden Inn to connect with the local community on Kauai this holiday season. Designed to support local businesses, virtually all of whom suffered during the pandemic, the fair is a beautiful location to explore and find unique local products sourced from the minds of the community and the island you walk on.

When: December 11th, December 23rd, 8:30 AM - 1 PM
Where: 3-5920 Kuhio Hwy, Kapa’a (Hilton Garden Inn Wailua Bay)
More Info: Wailua Bay Creator’s Fair

Winter Horsemanship Camp

Following the photo opportunity on December 18th, Healing Horses will also host its Winter Horsemanship Camp. For kids ages 4 to 14, this is a wonderful opportunity to embark on what is described as an “equestrian adventure,” learning valuable skills among peers in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

When: December 19th - December 23rd, 8:30 AM - 2 PM
Where: Kapa’a Bypass Rd, Kapa’a (Healing Horses Kauai)
More Info: Healing Horses Kauai  



We hope you find this helpful guide to planning your December on Kauai. As always, mahalo, and best wishes for your visit! 

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