Twin Falls

Hana Highway Maui

Just beyond mile marker 2 on the Hana Highway a bridge crosses the Ho'olawa nui stream and here you'll find Twin Falls.

Some folks call it Hoolawa Falls. But first, a word of advice. Twin Falls is a nice stop if you want to view several small falls. Compared to what is ahead of you on the Hana Highway though, it's really not worth the time to stop here this early in your journey. We have talked with several people who have stopped at this location expecting grand waterfalls they'll never find until further down the road.

If you do decide to stop now (or later) you can pull off and park on the mauka (toward the mountain) side of the road in a small parking lot which is usually accompanied by fruit stands. Walk through the small grassy area to a rock with a map drawn on it. Using this make-shift map you should be able to navigate to the various falls at this location. The round trip takes about an hour.

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Beyond Twin Falls, between mile marker 3 and 4, close to Huelo town, you'll start to encounter the first really sharp turns in the Highway.

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Latitude: 20.91179356
Longitude: -156.2427814

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multiple_stop Length
0.6 mile one way (1.6 in-and-out)
my_location Nearby
Hana Highway
family_restroom Children
Relatively easy for kids
alarm Duration
Roughly one hour (55-60 min)
bathtub Facilities
Vendor stands
terrain Difficulty
Easy to Moderate
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