Waianapanapa State Park Trail

Road to Hana Attraction

This 3 mile trail follows the coastline from just north of Hana Bay to beyond Waianapanapa State Park. The trail begins in Kainalimu Bay and follows the jagged lava coastline along the Hawaiian "King's Highway."

This trail is still visible in places where smooth stepping stones were set into the rough lava and cinders. The coastline is ruggedly scenic with black lava jutting into the deep blue ocean. Looking inland one will get a sweeping view of Hana Forest Reserve with its densely vegetated cinder cones. About 2.0 miles down the coast lies Wai'anapanapa State Park. Here there are 12 cabins for rental, picnic tables, showers, and restroom facilities.

John Derrick
Published on: 07-12-2019
Published by: John C. Derrick

This park is also accessible by road from the Hana Highway. The trail continues past the park around Pukaulua Point nearly to Hana Airport. There is usually a breeze blowing in off the ocean with frequent showers. The trail is in fair shape and easy to follow, but boots are recommended because of the sharp lava. The coastline is excellent for pole fishing. About half way between Waianapanapa and Hana a heiau (Hawaiian temple site) has been cleared of vegetation and provides an interesting stopping point. Camping is permitted with a permit from the state.

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