The journey of the north shore ends at one of the most popular beaches on Kaua'i, Kee Beach. The beach marks the end of Highway 560 and the portion of Kaua'i that can be seen by car. The rest of north Kaua'i is occupied by the Na Pali Coast, a series of rugged seaside cliffs stretching along the northwest shore that is not navigable by vehicle. Parking is available on either side of the road and near the coast. We've seen Ke'e at many times of day, and it is equally crowded. Parking may be difficult, but usually is not too much of a problem. Ke'e is very popular with snorkelers and families. One of the most striking aspects of this beach is its breathtaking view of the Na Pali Coast, which begins here. When you are facing the ocean, Na Pali can be glimpsed to your left. The best time for photographs is early morning (on a clear day) or right at sunset. The last time we were there, we saw a couple taking advantage of a gorgeous sunset to exchange their vows.

In the summer time you can see the Na Pali Coast kayak tours launching their boats from Ke'e beach in the early mornings.  This is a great adventure for those who are physically fit and up for a long, rigorous and spectaclar day.  Kayak Kauai is our recommendation for a Na Pali Coast kayak tour company.  

 Public rest rooms and showers are available at the beach. And though of no real value, the wild Kaua'i chickens that roost around the beach are entertaining to watch. How often do you see a chicken on the beach? The famous Kalalau Trail also begins at Ke'e Beach. To get there take Highway 560 east past Ha'ena all the way to the end of the road.

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