Lydgate Beach Park is one of the most family friendly public places on the island of Kauai.  Lydgate Beach Park was named after Rev. John Lydgate, a civic leader and former church pastor of Lihue Union Church and Koloa Church; several his descendants still live in the Wailua area and are active in the Kauai community.

This is a nice family beach park with plenty of amenities. One of the park's biggest highlights is the large, double-sectioned rock enclosed pools (built in 1964) which allow for a nice dip without being exposed to the ocean's pull.  The smaller pool, to the left, is perfect for toddlers and even babies; the larger pool is great for children of all ages and one can often see fish that swim in and out through the holes in the man made rock walls. Swimming outside the pools can be tricky; so be very mindful before going in the water; even though a life guard tower is nearby.   

After large rain storms, drift wood is often washed into the pools from the nearby Wailua river.  Community volunteers organize to remove the debris.  Most of the parks facilities have been built by volunteers organized by the not for profit Friends of Kamalani.

In addition to the pools, Lydgate Park has a multitude of interesting things to do.   There is a 2.5 mile walking and bike path which stretches all the way down to Kamalani Kai Play Bridge at a beach commonly called Kitchens.  Along the path, there are several pavillions with picnic tables.  There are 2 amazing playgrounds at Lydgate Park.  Just across the road from the pools, past the large pavillion, is Kalamani Playground which was built by local volunteers in 1994.  It is a paradise for young children with multiple slides, swings, climbing areas and faciliities for children of all ages.  At the south end of the park, Kalamani Kai Bridge is another amazing structure. The bridge was designed by local children themselves and is a fascinating maze of criss-crossing pathways and towers which form a bridge over the road below.  It is a favorite place for a game of tag or hide and seek. 

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