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When people picture Hawaii, they envision white and golden beaches, pristine waters, lush mountains, and unbelievable natural beauty. Maui boasts all of this and more. Many call  Maui the Valley Isle, so named because of the geographical features that separate the island.

There's so much to see and do on the island. Still, if you're looking for a Maui 1-day itinerary covering all the highlights, you've come to the right place because today we'll tell you about some of the area's most famous sights, best-kept secrets, and suggestions.

Customizing Your Maui Stay With Our Guides

Maui' Pack-and-Go' Wayfinder Guides for daily excursions

Ultimately, our Maui itineraries share insider tips regarding: one (this page), two, three, four, five, six, and seven-day itineraries. Our guide explores how many days to spend in Maui. We list the best sights, best deals, and timesaving tips. Our guide holds it all, whether seeking an adventure, relaxing beaches, killer surfing, or a romantic getaway. With the help of our itinerary, expect to manifest your dream Maui vacation!

Building the Best 1-day Maui Itinerary: Flexibility Matters

We designed our itineraries to provide a couple of alternate days as options to fit your fancy. Consider our guides as a grab-and-go resource for 'mapping' your trip - think of us as a Wayfinder's guide to Maui. Switch, swap, and exchange days or stops with the options we provide here. Ultimately, build the itinerary that YOU want for your trip.

For instance, we split up the itinerary days according to essential attractions and their geographic proximity to each other. Our guides consider the realities of day-by-day plans: weather change, traffic, kids' interests, etc.   We believe the interests and activities outlined in this Maui itinerary will provide a memorable and enjoyable experience while visiting the 'Valley Isle.'

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Must See Maui Sights & Attractions

Hana Highway (Road to Hana)

The Road to Hana is one you'll never forget. Enjoy the car ride as the road twist and winds its way along the island's mountainous northern coast. Have fun making the 52-mile trip east of Kahului to the quaint town of Hana. Most people like to commit an entire day to drive the Hana Highway because there are so many stops to enjoy along the way. These stops entail waterfalls, parks, ocean vistas, beaches, arboretums, shops, food stands, etc. Once you reach the town of Hana, consider either exploring the charming,  small-town beauty of Hana or just driving along the path.

Oheo Gulch

In Haleakala National Park, the Oheo Gulch goes by many names, including the Seven Sacred Pools and Kipahulu Area. Regardless of what you call this area,  everybody views these natural pools as breathtaking and tranquil. Multiple inland streams join as they proceed toward the ocean. Eventually, the pools feed into waterfalls. Swim in the multiple pools or enjoy their sight from the shore. Oheo Gulch is about 15 minutes past Hana town. It falls near mile marker 42 on the Hana Highway (Road to Hana), after it turns into Hwy. 31.

Molokini - Snorkeling

The crescent-shaped island of Molokini is one of Maui's most iconic sights, and this volcanic crater is one of the island's prime destinations for divers and snorkelers. Under the waters around Molokini, which is located 3 miles out in the ocean off the island's southwest coast, you'll be treated to coral reefs, tropical fish, reef sharks, sea turtles, and other spectacular marine wildlife. 

Our Molokini Snorkeling Suggestions

Must See Maui Beaches

Hamoa Beach

If you've ever seen postcards from Maui, you've already seen Hamoa Beach. Located just south of Hana, off Highway 360 (on Haneoo Road), cliffs surround this crescent-shaped, gold sand beach. Vacationers come here for good surfing, body surfing, and boogie boarding every year. They enjoy swimming and snorkeling here, too. Yet, watch for strong currents.

Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is another iconic stop in Maui that rewards visitors with sun-soaked shores, turquoise waters, and white sand beaches. No wonder developers built the island's first planned resort area here. Many find plenty to see and do after sunbathing on the beach. Your options include shops, restaurants, a museum, zip-lining, golf courses, and even a cliff diving ceremony held every evening at sunset at Black Rock. The beach is on the island's northwest coast, just north of Lahaina, on Highway 30.

Must Do Maui Hike

Pipiwai Trail

If you love hiking, then you can't miss the Pipiwai Trail. Throughout the 4-mile loop, expect to climb 650 feet of elevation; trek through a giant bamboo forest; see waterfalls (including Waimoku Falls at the turnaround point); walk across the wooden boardwalks over the marshy areas, and so much more. Most don't find the hike overly strenuous, but you should give yourself anywhere from 2.5 to five hours to complete it. Ultimately, it depends on your activity level and how many photos you want to take. The trailhead is near the Kipahulu Visitor Center and Oheo Gulch, just off Highway 360 near Hana.

Remember that you can see Maui in a day when you're on a tight schedule but still want to see as much as possible. There is plenty to see and do here on the island, and it doesn't matter if you're looking to relax, for adventure, or to experience the island's natural beauty. Many of Maui's most popular attractions are along the Hana Highway, including the drive itself and some of the island's favorite beaches and hiking trails. Still, there are other great shopping opportunities, exploring, sunbathing, snorkeling, and more. 


Are you ready to have a Maui vacation of a lifetime? We've designed our 1-day Maui itinerary to take you from the beach to the mountains and everything in between. We've got something for everyone, so you can get the most out of your Maui vacation.

Desire: You want to see everything Maui offers, and we're here to help! Our 1-day itinerary includes beaches, mountains, and even more attractions.  We can show it all with our guides. 

 Click here to view our exceptional itinerary:  Maui Day-By-Day Itineraries , East Maui, West Maui, South Maui, North Maui, and Haleakala & Upcountry. Click here for guides of Maui regions, more information about Maui, and the best lodging locations in Maui. Start planning your Maui vacation today!

Quick Tips for Your Visit to Maui:

The best length of stay in Maui: Ideally, we recommend spending a week in Maui to sample all the richness of this island. Even two to three are great options, too. 

Best Month to Visit: Visit April to early October for the best weather. For fewer crowds, better deals, and pleasant weather, visit between April to May or September to November. 

Best time to spot whales: Whale-watching season in Maui begins in November and lasts until May. Yet, the best times to spot a whale fall between January to March. Though still possible, your chances to spot one decline during June, September, and October. 

Best way to get around: You have the option of hiring a taxi or Uber driver. Renting a car offers the best deal and flexibility. It permits you to explore the island on your schedule. 

Must-see sights: Though we recommend seeing everything, we understand that some may encounter some time constraints. Don't leave Maui without seeing the Road to Hana, traditional luau feast, and Mt. Haleakala. Also, visit the shores for great water activities: swimming with sea turtles, snorkeling, whale watching, etc.

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