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On Highway 31, over a half mile past mile marker 51 beyond Hana town, you’ll come to a road on the makai side of the highway named Haneo‘o Road. The hill to your left is actually an eroding cinder cone known as Ka Iwi o Pele (the bones of Pele).

Driving down Haneo‘o Road, the rugged cliffs give way to a beautiful coastal view. As you continue down towards the shore you’ll notice ‘Alau Island offshore. From this vantage point it looks like a rather small island with a few trees perched on top. You'll pass by Koki Beach on your left, and it's worth a stop if you have the time. Heading farther down the road beyond Koki Beach you’ll discover one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawai‘i - the world famous Hamoa Beach. After parking in the lot at the beach, proceed down the stairs to the shoreline. The surrounding grounds are nearly as captivating as the beach itself. Hamoa is about 1,000 feet long and about 100 feet wide with sea cliffs surrounding it. Lush vegetation cradles the beach in stunning beauty. Off shore there is decent snorkeling and scuba diving, good swimming, and just as in ancient times, excellent body surfing too (mostly in the winter). If you can wrestle a kayak down to the beach, launching is relatively easy when the surf is down. Hamoa is unprotected by fringing reefs, so big surf hits the beach unimpeded in the winter months. The beach is surrounded by private property owned by the Hotel Hana Maui. Most of the facilities are for the guests of the resort, but the Hotel Hana Maui is gracious enough to allow the use of some of the facilities. There are rest rooms, showers, and picnic tables available.

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Hamoa beach is located about 2.5 miles outside of Hana traveling south. The access road is located just south of a large cinder cone. There is a small white sign pointing the way to the beaches along this section of road. There are several beaches in the area, Hamoa being the safest and most beautiful. Turn down the access road and follow it around until you reach the beaches about 1.5 miles down the road. There's a bus pull off on the seaward side of the road, the beach is just below the overlook. There is no parking next to the beach, park on the road above and take the stairs down to the shore. Proceed down the walkway steps to the beach.

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