Hana Highway Mile by Mile Updates

The Road to Hana & Beyond Book

This page provides updates to our 'Hana Highway - Mile by Mile' guidebook and its corresponding eBook. While we work hard to keep both our website and these books up to date, inevitably, things change or updates occur, and we need to make adjustments. Until we can provide a fresh copy of the printed or digital books, we'll cover any pertinent updates on this page. Mahalo!

Hana Highway Code of Conduct

Hawaii-Guide encourages all visitors, before visiting the Hana area, to please review the official Hana Highway Code of Conduct below, provided by the HVCB & Hana Highway Regulation, an initiative of the Hana Community Association. Mahalo!

Road to Hana Highway Code of Conduct
  1. Visit State parks and County rest facilities.
  2. Enjoy the various farms, botanical gardens, and fruit stands along the way.
  3. Avoid sites located on or beyond private properties and areas that lack visitor-welcoming signage. 
  4. Park in designated parking stalls. Vehicles protruding onto the highway are subject to being towed.
  5. Do not enter streams on occasions of heavy rains and flash flooding conditions. 
  6. Please respect the 'Aina (land): place trash in a proper receptacle, stay on the paths, respect the wildlife and plants, and practice safe procedures.

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2024 Maui Visitor Guides

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8th Edition Updates

None to date, check back for future changes/updates.

7th Edition Updates

Kahanu Garden

The Kahanu Self-Guided Tour can now be booked online.

Teen admission costs are also no longer priced separately from adults. Children under 12 remain free.

No parking signs installed

The HDOT previously announced in a press release in June 2021, that it had installed approximately 70 "no parking" signs on the Hana Highway, warning drivers about the $35 no parking fine and a $200 surcharge for illegally stopping on a state highway, to reduce illegal parking along the Hana Highway.

The following locations (some of which we do not include on our website for safety reasons or due to the access over/on private property) now have 'No Parking' signs located in areas the county has deemed unacceptable and/or unsafe for road side parking. These locations include:

  • Bamboo Forest (located on private property)
  • Ching's Pond Bridge (located on private property)
  • Hanawi Stream Bridge & Falls
  • Pua'a Ka'a State Park
  • Twin Falls (parking limits now additionally in effect)
  • Waikamoi Stream Bridge
  • Waikani Stream Bridge

Read more about this Hana Highway parking update in our Blog.

6th Edition & Older Updates

Preface & Introduction 

No significant changes. Obviously, the reference to the earthquake that happened many years ago, in 2006, is now quite dated, but the conditions the earthquake created on the Pi'ilani Highway (beyond Hana & the Oheo Gulch) remain, with rock netting in place, and other precautions to prevent future rock slides. Drivers should continue to use caution on this portion of the drive along Highway 31 if they decide to make it around the southern flanks of Haleakala volcano heading into upcountry Maui towards Highway 37.

Hana Highway Updates & Changes (Chapter 2)

Upper & Lower Puohokamoa Falls

These falls are now considered accessible (viewable) only through access to the 'Garden of Eden' on page 25. We advise against attempting to access the waterfalls directly, as they are on private property.

Haipuaena Falls

As with Puohokamoa Falls, we would advise skipping these falls.

Upper Waikani (Three Bears) Falls

As with several other falls, we would advise not attempting to access the base of these falls and would instead recommend visitors enjoy it from the bridge.

Nahiku Road & Landing

Due to over visitation, and other resident concerns, we now advise visitors to skip Nahiku Landing and to not drive down the narrow road to the ocean.

Waianapanapa Wayside Park

As of March 1, 2021, there is new Reservation Systems & parking fees for visitors. Reservations for all non-resident visitors and commercial vehicles will now be required for entry to Maui's Waianapanapa State Park.

For visitors, reservations will be taken up to two weeks in advance, and no same-day reservations will be accepted.

Parking fees for out-of-state visitors will be $10; while walk-ins, bicyclists, or visitor drop-offs will be a $5 entry fee per person. Prices are higher for commercial vehicles.

Hana Town Updates & Changes (Chapter 3)

Kaihalulu (Red Sand Beach)

This beach and access to it should now be considered KAPU or off-limits. Local community leaders and residents alike have asked publications to no longer promote this attraction.

Kipahulu Area & Beyond Updates & Changes (Chapter 4)

Haleakala National Park & Oheo Gulch Kipahulu Area

The Haleakala National Park private vehicle (14 pax capacity or less) entry fee for the Oheo Gulch at Kipahulu has increased to $30.00

The entry fee is valid for three (3) days starting from the day of purchase. Please use credit cards for payment of entry fees at the Summit and Kipahulu entrance stations. All park visitors are required to purchase a recreational use pass upon entering Haleakala National Park. Passes are non-transferable.

Road Closure Notice

The road closure notice on page 55 (of the physical book) is no longer pertinent and the road has reopened around the entirety of the Pi'ilani Highway.

Alelele Falls

We now advise all visitors to now skip Alelele Falls at this time.

Additional Hana Highway Updates

Know of another Road to Hana Highway (or beyond) update or change we need to be aware of?

Please contact us and let us know so we can advise visitors accordingly. Mahalo!

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