Waterfalls along the Road to Hana

Road to Hana Waterfalls

Our Road to Hana waterfalls guide is meant to highlight all of the major waterfalls on the Hana Highway on northeast Maui.

We've pulled this information directly from our exclusive Hana Highway Guidebook, so be sure to grab your copy. We'll provide details on each falls, including where you can find it and provide a photo we've snapped that should allow you to decide if it's a stop you'd like to make on your journey down the Road to Hana on Maui. All waterfalls are listed in the order you'll encounter them along the Hana Highway.

For those of you who don’t want the hassle of figuring out where to stop, (which we completely understand), we recommend you take a guided Road to Hana Tour with one of our recommended tour providers. These expert local guides will know all the best waterfalls based on conditions the day of your tour. They are simply the best at what they do. 

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Twin Falls

Twins Falls is located at Mile Marker 2 on the Hana Highway. This is a very small waterfall and it sometimes can be difficult to actually locate the true Twin Falls. Several small falls are located at this stop.

Waikamoi Falls

Located at Mile Marker 10 Waikamoi Falls can often be completely dry (seaonal). However, if it's been raining the falls can really be flowing strong- as seen here.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls

Located 0.8 of a mile past Mile Marker 10 is Lower Puohokamoa Falls. The falls can only be seen from within the Garden of Eden (there is an entry fee, but it's worth it), which is located just before the falls.

Upper Puohokamoa Falls

Located just past mile marker 11, this waterfall is also visible only from within the Garden of Eden.

Haipuaena Falls

This small waterfall is located approximately a half mile past the 11 mile marker. There's a larger falls upstream, but it's difficult to get to. We typically skip this waterfall.

Ching's Pond & Falls

Ching's Pond or the Blue Sapphire Pools is a small falls located just 0.8th of a mile past mile marker 16. This is a popular spot with the locals, especially on weekends. Use caution swimming and NEVER dive into this (or any other) waterfall! 

Pua'a Ka'a Falls

This falls is located inside Pua'a Ka'a Wayside park at mile marker 22 on the Hana Highway. There are larger falls within the park, but none are easily accessible, so the small tranquil falls at the picnic area is probably what you'll want to enjoy.

Upper Hanawi Falls

Upper Hanawi Falls is located just after mile marker 24, and is almost always flowing. After a heavy rain, it really gets going and several new falls appear.

Makapipi Falls

Makapipi Falls can be seen directly beneath the bridge at mile marker 25. Sometimes this falls may be dry; other times it can provide a unique angle from which to view a waterfall, as you can stand right above it and look directly down on it.

Ala'alaula Falls

Now past Hana town, the mile markers are counting down. Located just beyond mile marker 46, this small falls is one we typically skip. But it's worth a mention.

Paihi Falls

Located just before Mile Marker 45, you'll pass this scenic falls on your right (mauka). It's a neat waterfall but it's difficult to find a place to park and get a photo.

Wailua Falls

This is, hands down, our favorite waterfalls on Maui. Wailua Falls located at Mile Marker 45. This is a wonderful falls and has a short path on the right side of the bridge that will even allow you to get a closer look if you'd like. Just be careful on the often slippery rocks.

Oheo Gulch Pools & Falls

The Oheo Gulch (or Seven Sacred Falls) offers a variety of spectacular falls, but the lower falls along the Kuloa Point Trail are some of the best (outside of hiking the Pipiwai Trail, of course).

Makahiku Falls

Located about a half mile along the Pipiwai Trail, this gorgeous falls can often be obstructed by vegetation (or sometimes not even flowing if it has been dry), but when it's visible, it's an incredible sight.

Waimoku Falls

Your rewards for hiking two miles along the Pipiwai Trail at the Oheo Gulch is the remarkable 400' Waimoku Falls. It's the tallest waterfall you can easily reach on the island of Maui. Great for a picnic lunch before continuing back along the trail to the Visitor Center.

HawaiiGuide encourages all visitors, prior to visiting the Hana area, to please refer to the official Hana Highway Code of Conduct, provided by the Hana Highway Regulation, An initiative of the Hana Community Association. Mahalo!

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