Journey to the main island of Hawaii and discover a best-kept secret, Green Sand Beach. This glory of a hideaway is tucked away on the southern coast, providing residents and visitors with an experience beyond compare. It's well worth a visit to enjoy one of Hawaii's most unique, natural resources.

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Papakolea Beach, A Green Getaway

Situated at the base of Pu'u O Mahana, the Green Sand Beach catches the eye with its unusual, olive sand. It consists of olivine, a semi-precious stone that was produced by volcanic activity. As the ocean pounds against the shore, the olivine erodes day by day, creating a beach of an attractive shade of green. It has a lush and inviting appearance that attracts visitors on a daily basis.

Waking on Something Precious

People have described the sensation of walking on this beach as if they have been tiptoeing across precious stones, running bits of gems through their toes. It's a luxurious feeling and one admired by many. However, it is challenging to arrive at this particular beach, making the experience all the more worthwhile. It's necessary to hike across a three mile stretch of lava field and sturdy boots are recommended for the journey. Any tourists should be well-prepared for the trip, wearing light clothing and protection from the hot sun. It is not a trip for the lazy or faint of heart. There is another trail that is available along the coast. However, this path is more difficult with jagged rocks along the way.

The Quest for Green Sand Beach Pays Off

Surrounded by cliffs, boulders, sun and sea, anyone arriving at Green Sand Beach will have their breath taken away. The color of the sand is simply astonishing and unexpected, with nothing like it to relate to in one's experiences. It is said that sunset on this particular beach provides an out of this world experience. Nature creates a masterpiece with the contrasting colors of the sky as they touch down on the olivine beach. Anyone planning on venturing out should intend to take an entire day to get the most out of this journey. The trip in and out is time-consuming. However, all of the efforts will pay off upon arrival. Pack a picnic, bathing suits, towels, a camera, and a good book. Get ready to stay awhile in this piece of paradise on earth.

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