Planning a trip to Maui? You will know by now it involves asking a few questions. Where should we go? What should we do?

Take to the air and see how stunning Maui is from above or hit the water and paddle your way out into the oceans that hold so much life and tales of legends.

If feeling the ground under your feet is more your style, stay close to mother earth and take a road adventure of a lifetime.

For those with an adventurous spirit, this is the perfect destination. There's so much to see on this beautiful island, you’ll likely be planning your next trip by the end of your first.

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People going on an off-road adventure on an ATV in Maui Hawaii

1. Go Off-Road

Do you like the combination of dirt under your feet and the sweet smell of the forest filling your days?

It’s time to move away from the sealed roads and take an off-road adventure.

Off-road touring takes your Maui experience to a whole new level.

With fit-for-purpose vehicles, some with single-seaters, some taking four people, tours off the beaten track find a way of embedding themselves firmly under your skin forever.

People on treasure hunting adventure looking at a map in Maui Hawaii

2. Hunt For Lost Treasure

Family-friendly activities don’t get much better than this. A truly different and engaging activity for everyone loving the outdoors and seeking a sense of excitement and mystery.

A treasure hunt tour brings together hiking through Maui’s lush greenery and swimming in streams while searching for that elusive treasure.

A dedicated map is provided to enhance the experience even further. Are you ready to find your long-lost treasures?

This adventure is for the kid in all of us.

Camping tent in sand on a beach adventure in Maui Hawaii

3. Camping Anyone?

Visitors to Maui don’t normally think of camping as an option, but this form of recreation can get you up close and personal with who this island really is.

The experience of camping on Maui is truly a relaxing and eye-opening experience. Combine camping with hiking for something different and see some of the places many visitors don’t even know exist.

For those who have camped before consider this a true adventure. New land, new people, and new experiences while taking in the air and earth of Maui in its most natural form.

If resorts aren’t for you, choose camping on Maui.

Car on the road with palm trees on the side to represent a road trip adventure in Maui Hawaii

4. Hit the Road

All the free-spirited people out there know the feeling.

The benefit of driving tours is all about gaining knowledge of areas you didn’t know existed and the comfort of knowing guides are very experienced on the land and understand the roads and their many off-shoots and tracks.

Want to do it alone?

There are many options for those who prefer to let the wind take them where it may.

Book an RV for the ultimate on-road comfort. Fully equipped or stick to the basics, there’s a vehicle suited to make your road adventure much more than you expected.

A road trip is almost a rite of passage, but young or old, you never forget them.

Experience Maui by road for a different take on your surroundings. It is carefree and one of the best ways to experience local people, businesses, and amazing traditional food.

Person swimming in water fed by a waterfall while on an adventure in Maui Hawaii

5. Let’s Go Eco

Hawaiian culture, the beliefs of its people both past and present, and the impact of such are still very much respected on the islands of Hawaii.

For those wanting to experience the natural beauty, of Maui without the crowds and usual tourist hotspots, there is the perfect solution.

Enjoy the lavender fields, learn how locals conserve the lands for the next generations and take home a memory of these diverse locals from walking the grounds and living in the landscapes in which they have since ancient times.

Try a rainforest tour or a snorkeling day out for a true perspective on life on Maui.

There are farm stays and tours for those with kids (and for those big kids at heart). Learning how to take care of animals and seeing where the local food comes from is invaluable.

Simple living gets us back to reality. We are all better for experiencing it.

Person kayaking in the water during sunset on an adventure in Maui Hawaii

6. Take a Big Bite

Can’t decide between water wonderland and land-based adventures? Now you don’t have to. Take a tour that incorporates the best of both worlds. Kayak and hike your way to happiness or go on a speedboat and snorkel tour to your heart’s content.

Introduce yourself to green turtles, and colorful fish then hike to a lookout for the most spectacular views found on the islands.

Combination tours are excellent for those who wish to make the most of every stunning day on Maui, and for those who may only have a few days here to take it all in.

The best of Maui is now your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Packed suitcase with clothes, a hat and other essentials for a adventure trip in Maui Hawaii

Things to Keep in Mind

While Maui is a place for all things fun and adventurous, there are some things to keep in mind when visiting this beautiful island. IF you are keen to book tours make sure you are sure they are the best fit for you and anyone traveling with you.

Things to consider

  • If you are traveling with kids, there may be age limits to activities, or younger ones need to be accompanied at all times. Always check details with your tour provider.


  • While some may offer refreshments, others may not. Follow the guidelines for anything you need to bring on a tour.


  • Remember to dress for success. The weather can turn cool. Be prepared with the right kind of clothing and footwear.


  • Are gratuities included? For some tours, tips are included in the price but many do not and are at the discretion of the participant.

Reading the terms, and conditions, or simply just asking if unsure can lead to a more enjoyable experience for everyone



Off-road or sealed comfort, land, sea or air, the choice is yours. Whichever you choose, they all have one thing in common. Your thirst for adventure will definitely be quenched.

It's time to build your dream vacation and take a piece of Maui back home with you in your heart.

When you are ready to go, we will be right there with the best in advice and experiences. Contact us and get started today. Plan, book, pack...and go!

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