Taking a break with kids doesn’t have to have you running for the aspirin. There are lots of reasons why traveling with kids can be one of the best experiences you will all ever have.

It just takes a bit of planning.

So, ignore those who look at you with a genuine fear for your sanity. This is about creating lasting memories for everyone.

Whether you’re a local looking for a day out, or an interstate visitor, grab that bag of snacks, pack those distraction essentials, and hold on tight.

Let’s have a look at some of the best kid-friendly activities on the beautiful island of Maui.

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Snorkeling With the Locals

Water activities are a must for any island visit. Snorkeling in Maui has the added advantage of catering to all ages. For the younger ones, the calm shallow waters are perfect. Older kids can experience the majesty of the reef and its inhabitants.

Don’t be surprised if you spot a resident turtle. Cruise along with this magnificent creature, happy to show you it’s water home.

Luau Anyone?

What better way to experience the showmanship, and beauty of Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. Combine legend and history with amazing food while the kids are transfixed by the ceremony and fiery entertainment.

With the sunset as a welcome opening act, this is Maui’s most loved evening theatre.

Maui Trampoline Park

All-round fun for everyone this trampoline park caters to all ages and sizes. Kids can choose from dodgeball, basketball, or simply dive into a giant foam pit for the ultimate in physical fun.

Dedicated zones ensure spaces are large enough to jump around all day without compromising on safety.

This is the best form of kid’s indoor activity for kids.

Zipline Fever

While under 5-year-old children may not be able to participate, older kids will have this Maui activity stamped on their memory for years to come.

Inclusive of all safety equipment and guidance, ziplining offers views over Maui you’ll never see from the road.

If you are staying around central Maui, or popular areas to the South or West the kids will never let you get away with not experiencing this exhilarating activity.

Mystery in Maui

Now here’s something different.

Imagine your family working together to decode clues and solve a mystery in order to escape! Choose a room for a particular scenario, then master the tasks and puzzles for the ultimate in mind testing collaborative experiences.

Think you’ve done it all? Think again.

A great one to bring everyone together.

Maui Ocean Center

Some activities beckon you time and time again. Maui ocean center is one.

There’s something peaceful and calming about watching sea creatures in their own environment, without fearing for your life, of course.

Watch the handler feeding sharks, and manta rays all while talking to their audience via an underwater communication system.

When the weather is not on your side, this center offers entertainment and education combined with one of the best kid-friendly activities in Maui as a bonus.

Atlantis Submarine

If sunken ships and underwater life are your kid’s fascination, this is the activity for all time. Adults and children alike revel in this excursion with a difference.

With comfortable accommodations and several departures daily, there’s no excuse to miss this escapade to a real shipwreck, the Carthaginian.

Your ride for the day? The Maui submarine departing from Lahaina Harbor.

Definity is one for those with a sense of adventure.

Did Someone Say Beach?

Ask any kid what their first point of call is for a Maui break, and it will no doubt be the beach.

Yes, it might seem like a given, but it can be what beach you choose and what you do there that makes it memorable.

Choose well-patrolled areas with lifeguards if your kids view the ocean as their second home.

Research whether any kid-friendly activities are offered at your chosen beach. Surfing lessons or a sandcastle making competition could make a day at the beach something more memorable.

Lastly, take all the provisions you think you’ll need. And then double it.

Beach-going is thirsty, hungry work.

Create Your Own Activities

Sometimes it’s definitely not about the journey.

Getting there may be something you’d prefer to forget. Canceled flights, crowds, and lost favorite toys along the way can make you wish you were back home in bed.

The destination, however, is different.

A lot can be said for stopping along the way and making your own excursions around this beautiful island.

Walk. Picnic. Just breathe.

Maui certainly offers all opportunities for both adults and kids.

Take her up on it.

A Few Tips 

Need some help?

Ask and You Shall Receive

A part of your initial discussions may be to ask the kids what they might enjoy as an activity. Forewarned may be forearmed but be prepared.  What you are about to hear may shock you.

Plan it Well

Ask yourself some questions to ensure a more fulfilling experience.

When are you going?  Traditional vacation timetables may not suit everyone. Are there must-see seasonal kids’ activities? Are certain kids’ activities available all year round?


For toddlers, teens, or in-betweens, there is always something suited to everyone.

For older kids, vacation time can also be a time for a degree of independence, helping you out with the little ones, and to experience something for the first time with the whole family.

For families with several children, there will be decisions to make.

Dedicated time on activities that suit everyone, or a dedicated time for every member of the family.

It’s all about balance.

Personal Time

Let’s get real here.

Older kids may want to zone out with their device of choice, and adults may want a quiet moment from time to time.

Even kids need downtime. Personal space is important, but ensure some designated time during the day or evening for communication without the ever-present screen, or that No.1 New York Best Seller.

Yes, adults are guilty of zoning out too.

Why Travel is Important for Kids

There is no better way to expand kids’ minds than to have experiences in different places.

While you may not have thought the day would necessarily turn into a geography lesson, travel is a chance to get in a few educational opportunities.

Visiting places with historical, social, or even personal significance give kids the opportunity to learn something that may remain with them far beyond the reach of any classroom.

So, what’s next?

Go big or go home. This is Maui, after all.

Are you ready to Plan, Book, Pack, and Go?

Let us help find the best ways to make your next visit to Maui extraordinary.

Contact us today.

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