Maui Things to See & Do

Valley Isle Tours & Experiences

Having a good time on Maui is a given- after all, it IS one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. And with a seemingly overwhelming number of sights, hiking trails, water sports, gardens, and then some, choosing what to experience can be a challenge. That's why we've put the truly stellar and stand-out experiences right here. These are our personal recommendations for the top places to visit and best tours and activities the Valley Isle has to offer. While only our suggestions, we think you'll agree our picks offer truly breathtaking Maui experiences. And remember, there's a reason they say Maui no ka oi! (Maui is the best!) 

Maui Air Tours

For many visitors, touring Maui by air is the best way to experience everything the Valley Isle has to offer. Soar over Central Maui in a helicopter and get a bird's-eye view of Haleakala- the world's largest dormant volcano- and be prepared to be amazed. You'll love zooming from the summit to the Hana rainforest and seeing the stark contrasts in the landscape- a perspective best appreciated by air. Rather see the sights by plane? No worries, then, as you can tour practically the entire island- a flight you'll never forget! Of course, island hopping is always a popular vacation must do because who can say no to more adventure? Book your Maui air tour today and have your head in the clouds soon! 

Maui Attractions

With a vast array of breathtaking sights, it can be hard to decide which ones to see. In a perfect world, you'd be able to see them all in one trip; but we understand that may not be realistic. That's why we're including our picks for Maui's best attractions here. Each has its own qualities that make it uniquely fascinating. Roll with the curves along the iconic Road to Hana. And speaking of iconic, don't forget to plan a little snorkeling at the crescent-shaped Molokini and share the sea with a rainbow of tropical marine life. Of course, you'll want to head to Haleakala National Park- both the Summit and Kipahulu regions- for some hiking and more. Whether you have a favorite Maui attraction or are looking forward to choosing one first hand, let us introduce you to some of our favorites here. 

Maui Bucket List Adventures

Let's face it: Just going to Maui is already a bucket list adventure! However, some experiences make such an impression that they are truly outstanding. Whether you're zooming over the West Maui Mountains on a thrilling zipline adventure, taking the bike ride of a lifetime down a volcano, or watching the majestic humpback whales breach and frolic, these Maui adventures simply cannot be missed! Book your bucket list adventure and get ready to make incredible memories! 

Maui Evening Entertainment

If you're planning a night out on Maui, plan to be dazzled, amazed, and rock 'n' rolled! If relaxing is on the agenda, sit back and raise a toast to the vibrant Maui sunset on a cocktail cruise. Need some time with just a group of your best friends or family? Then booking a private charter is just what you need for some fun at sea. Of course, no trip to Maui is complete without attending a luau and the Valley Isle is brimming with stellar options. And we all know that Elvis was a fixture in the islands; relive those great moments by rockin' with "Elvis" all evening long. Date night, family night, any night... book now and let the show begin! 

Maui Interactive Tours

Are you looking to commune with nature? Then get ready to SUP and snorkel with colorful tropical fish. Or maybe you'd prefer to surf with a seasoned local wave rider (or even catch your first wave). And as long as you're paddling, you'll surely love a ride in an outrigger canoe- a true Hawaiian paddling experience! Rather stay on dry land? Then hit the trail for an epic hike; whether near the summit of Haleakala or the lush Oheo Gulch. Up for a major adrenaline rush? Then a zipline adventure over Maui's breathtaking landscape is in order. These interactive adventures highlight the best of the Valley Isle. Book your Maui interactive tour today! 

Maui Land Adventures

Stating the obvious, the Valley Isle is marked by a valley. More specifically, the name is derived from the fact that central Maui sits between two mountains: Haleakala to the east and the West Maui mountains to the west. Therefore, Maui's land has literally defined its identity. Naturally, it's no surprise that Maui's land adventures are more than abundant. Explore the iconic Road to Hana in the car of your dreams or on a luxury guided tour. Enjoy an epic hike with awe-inspiring views. Or head to a beautiful natural reserve that hosts unique ponds and marine ecosystems, lava fields, and fascinating native plants. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Maui's enchanting lands... book your adventure today! 

Maui Neighbor Island Tours

There's so much to see and do on Maui that you could easily spend your entire vacation there and not run out of sights. However, many people love to add to the vacation adventure and do a little island hopping. Start off in Maui and take a quick flight over to Oahu to tour the most popular attractions: Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona, Polynesian Cultural Center, and more. Need something "bigger"? Then head over to the Big Island to explore the best of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Book your Maui Neighbor Island tour today! 

Maui Ocean Adventures

The Hawaiian Islands are famous for so many things... and, of course, the glorious Pacific Ocean is one of the main draws. The good news is that the Valley Isle is the perfect place to make (or surf) some waves. The even better news is that here at Hawaii Guide we offer what we think are the best Maui ocean activities you'll find. Get ready to dive in and try some SNUBA or snorkeling. Rather paddle? Then you'll love an SUP lesson or kayak adventure.  And who wouldn't want to reel in the "big one?" You can... whether you're a fishing newbie or an experienced angler. Now grab your sunscreen and book your Mau Ocean adventure today!