Little Beach in South Maui is the unofficial place to relax and bare it all. Even with the clothing-optional reputation, Little Beach, which is adjacent to Makena (Big) Beach, is often as packed as its larger brother.

This is a good spot to body surf as well as swim and snorkel when the surf is calm. If the surf is high, the waves can really pound you, so stay out of the water. If you do enter, watch where the locals go because they know the terrain. There is a strong offshore current that should be avoided by inexperienced swimmers. Theft is generally not a problem at this beach, but your car parked at Makena Beach is. Don't leave anything valuable in your car (even the trunk). Sometimes long-term "campers" in tents set up shop on this beach which can be an unpleasant experience. There are no facilities.

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Little Beach

Little Beach

Little Beach is located to the northwest of Makena Beach and is unapproachable by car. Park at the Makena Beach (also known as Big Beach) paved parking lot and walk to the beach (Makena Beach). When you reach the ocean turn to the west and follow the beach westward. At the end of the beach, there is a path up the lava rocks that takes you over a bluff and on to Little Beach. Also, despite being against the law, Little Beach has become fairly popular with the crowd that likes to "lose" their bathing suits. If you're traveling with kids, approach with caution.

Little Beach

Little Beach

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