Waikoloa Village Things to Do

Things to Do near Waikoloa Village on Big Island

Picture a coastline with lava rock, coral and blue-green waters, and you’ve envisioned the picturesque beaches of Waikoloa Village that overlook Waiulua Bay. Minutes from the beach and just under an hour to Hawaii’s famous mountains, Waikoloa Village offers an abundance of amenities both inside and outside of the resorts.

True to the region's tropical climate, Waikoloa Village is warm and humid almost year-round. Due to some slight variation in the weather, the best time of year to visit Waikoloa Village, particularly for hot-weather activities, is from late May to early October. If you're planning a visit outside of this window—don’t worry! The weather is tropical year-round, and there will still be plenty of ways to explore the area.

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Directions to Waikoloa Village

Waikoloa Village is found on the northwest side of Hawaii’s Big Island, bordered by Hawaii Route 19. The village’s proximity to the highway makes it a natural jumping-off point for all your Hawaiian adventures, whether you plan to stay in the area or visit the quaint towns of the northern tip of the Big Island.

A Brief History of Waikoloa Village

Waikoloa Village is primarily a resort destination but has one fun aspect that makes it genuinely Hawaiian; the village was built on top of a lava field! A towering volcano sits just 30 miles from the village, called Mauna Kea. While the volcano is currently dormant, its eruptions created a path to the ocean, upon which the resort has set its roots!

The resort of Waikoloa Village began in 1986 after the original owners dreamed up a center filled with residences and a shopping center. Thus began the vast and carefully designed resort that covered over 35,000 acres, some of which overlook the surrounding Waiulua Bay.

The beginning vision of Waikoloa Village remains, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience a variety of activities, including boats, dolphins, pools, spa, art collections, and more.

Cultural events are a pinnacle offering at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, hosting a variety of activities such as the Big Island Film Festival, the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, and the Kona Brewers Festival! While planning your trip, check to see what festivals are being hosted during the season that you’re visiting.

There’s plenty of activities in Waikoloa Village! From beach activities to shopping and dining, there’s bound to be something for everyone during your visit to Waikoloa Village.

49 Black Sand Beach
49 Black Sand Beach 

Unlike many other beaches in the area, 49 Black Sand Beach is true to its name with black sand covering its shores, a result of fine grains of lava. This provides a stark contrast to the clear blue water. When the ocean is calm, go snorkeling and take a look at tropical fish, tidepools, and underwater rock formations.

Head to 49 Black Sand Beach by exiting Queen K Highway towards Mauna Lani Resort. From there, take the third exit towards the Beach Club and continue for half a mile, looking for the beach entrance on the left. Purchase a beach pass from the guard shack.

The Shops at Mauna Lani

Traveling from Waikoloa Village, turn right onto Waikoloa Road, taking another right onto Highway 19. Shortly after, turn left onto Mauna Lani Drive and take the second exit at the traffic circle to arrive at The Shops at Mauna Lani.

Fashion and lifestyle shopping is abundant, with opportunities to pick up something with a little extra island personality at the many galleries in the complex. For entertainment, enjoy an evening at The Shops at Mauna Lani’s Dinner and a Show or Snorkel Bob’s. Plenty of dining options are available, no matter what you’re in the mood for from sushi to a steak.

Hapuna Beach State Park

A trip to Hawaii isn’t complete without a visit to one of the Big Island’s many lush state parks and pristine beaches. Hapuna Beach State Park, in particular, is a white sand beach and an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and bodyboarding. Do keep the currents in mind when participating in beach activities, as the current can become too strong for these activities.

Once heading north on Highway 19, Hapuna Beach State Park is not hard to find, simply turn left onto Hapuna Beach Road, left again onto Old Puako Rd, then take an immediate right driving along to find parking.

*Photo by Hilton Waikoloa Village

FishPipe Waikoloa

Home of The World’s First Rotating Barrel Ride is FishPipe in Waikoloa. Rather than build a mile-long water slide, the FishPipe barrel allows you to take the longest slide of your life—90 seconds! Up to 3 people can slide inside the FishPipe at a time and are able to have the operator adjust the speed to however fast they want to go!

Finding FishPipe in Waikoloa is easy! Simply head to the Hilton Waikoloa Village right along Waikoloa Road, continuing straight onto Waikoloa Beach Drive. Before you know it, your whole family will be slipping and sliding in the FishPipe!

*Photo by Napua Restaurant

Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club

Finish off a day of exploring with an island-style meal at Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, but dinner is especially special, with a menu offering sunset cocktails while your family overlooks a beautiful evening ocean view. Try the Seared Ahi or slow-roasted BBQ Pork Ribs, or experience farm-to-table with the XO Oysters dish.

Arrive at Napua by entering the Mauna Lani Resort, which is found on the west side of the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway. Continue to the roundabout, and take the third right onto South Kaniku Drive where the gate opens for dinner.

Waikoloa Village offers an oasis during your stay on Hawaii’s Big Island. Only 15 minutes from the beach, the community offers a wide variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. From relaxing on the beaches to enjoying a leisurely day window shopping at The Shops at Mauna Lani, you will never be wondering what you should do next when you visit Waikoloa Village!

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