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Things to Do near Volcano Town on Big Island

Volcano is a small village in the southeast region of the Big Island, located in the heart of lush and exciting landscapes blanketed in flowers, ferns, and trees. The tropical location is home to many networks of walking trails. It’s the perfect paradise for hikers and nature enthusiasts who want to explore the landscape of Hawaii. In stark contrast to the lush green environment are the lava fields and rocks that are a result of the famous active volcanoes in the area.

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Volcano itself is also dotted with charm, thanks to the picturesque cottages throughout the cozy village. You’ll find bed and breakfasts, restaurants, art centers, and, of course, the spirit of aloha throughout the charming lush area of Kilauea where the village of Volcano exists!

Volcano is aptly named for the village’s proximity to the two largest volcanoes in Hawaii. Volcano is right next to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, drawing many international visitors to the stunning sights of the active volcanoes. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which was officially designated in 1987. The area is also home to an International Biosphere Reserve and was established as such in 1980.

Directions to Volcano

Most visitors who begin their trip in Volcano and surrounding areas arrive at the Hilo International Airport and drive approximately 40 minutes south on the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11). The village is also located 2.5 hours from Kailua-Kona if you’re driving along the Hawaii Belt Road. Since the village is located conveniently along the Hawaii Belt Road, many visitors to the Big Island can add the destination to their adventure itinerary. You can stop at a variety of attractions and explore the vast National Park over a few days to truly experience the area.

The village of Volcano is often referred to as an artist community. It is a popular and beautiful place for artists to create locally inspired pieces of art, including glass, paintings, and ceramics. The relaxed atmosphere of Volcano is the perfect environment for artists who are looking to work on their craft. But it is also a great way to unwind and escape the noise, crowds, and traffic for a truly relaxing leg of your trip.

While visiting Volcano, keep an eye out for purple flowers that are beginning to cover the green landscapes in the area. This purple flower is called Glory Bush, which, despite being a beautiful, vibrant color, is actually a weed that is beginning to overtake many of the natural vegetation in the area.

Volcano experiences a large amount of rain throughout the year and doesn’t experience the extreme heat that many visitors may expect from Hawaii. The village receives over 150 inches of rain per year, but luckily, the destination also experiences a large amount of sunshine, even when it is raining. The moderate temperature in the area ranges from an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

akatsuka orchid gardens
Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

The warm, humid climate throughout the Big Island has allowed the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens to blossom into a stunning center for orchids. You can purchase flowers or experience the farm through a tour and tasting. Take a guided tour through the Orchid Maze and greenhouse growing facility, and sample the garden’s signature Poha berry ice cream.

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens is located just before the meeting of the Hawaii Belt Road and Kahaualea Road. From the center of Volcano, head southwest on Laukapu Avenue toward Kekoa Nui Boulevard, then turn right onto Wright Road and left into Hawaii Belt Road.

Volcano Winery's grapevines. Photo provided from Volcano Winery.

Volcano Winery

Experience local wine that is inspired by the lush and volcanic landscape of the Big Island. Taste a wide selection of wines from Symphony Dry Wine to Volcano Blush, which are made uniquely by blending traditional wine grapes with tropical, locally grown fruits like yellow guava and jaboticaba berry. Sip on playful flavors in the laid-back atmosphere of Volcano Winery!

To visit Volcano Winery, head southwest on the Hawaii Belt Road from the center of Volcano for 3.7 miles, turning right onto Piimauna Drive. After a left turn, you will be at your destination and ready to sip on Hawaiian wine.

Nahuku Thurston Lava Tubes

Hundreds of years old, the Nahuku Thurston Lava Tubes are an extraordinary way to discover the magnificent force of lava! Learn how the tubes were naturally created by lava flowing from the heart of the volcano to the ocean.

Experience the site through carefully lit caves during the day or natural darkness at night. If you’re heading to the caves from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m., bring headlamps for a true exploration!

To visit, head southwest on Hawaii Belt Road, turn left onto Crater Rim Drive, and then left twice to stay on Crater Rim Drive. The destination will be on the left. 

Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park is a must-see on the Big Island, where you can be reminded of the jaw-dropping force of volcanic activity. Kilauea and Mauna Loa, both in the park, are two of the world’s most active volcanoes and continue to add to the Big Island. Over 70 million years of volcanism is shown throughout the park. It’s all there for you to discover through tour guides, special presentations, and hikes!

To visit Volcano National Park, head southwest on Hawaii Belt Road and turn left onto Crater Rim Drive, where you will be greeted at the Entrance Station. Arrive by 10:00 a.m. to grab a parking spot!

Cooper Center

The Cooper Center is the community center for the village of Volcano, which offers bountiful displays of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market every Sunday. After grabbing some fresh papaya, browse the market’s many Volcano artists who make everything from jewelry to clothing to locally inspired art.

The Farmer’s Market is also a great spot for a casual and local breakfast or lunch. Various vendors at the market offer sandwiches, baked goods, and coffee beverages, so you can start your day off right!

Cooper Center is found just southeast of the intersection of Wright Road and Kilauea Road, right in the heart of Volcano.


Visit Volcano for a truly unique vacation!

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