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Mountain View Things To Do

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Mountain View is a small town located around 20 miles inland from the eastern coastline of the Big Island. A town with a name like Mountain View has to fulfill its namesake’s promise, and there’s no doubt that this quaint town on the Big Island does just that! One of the world’s tallest mountains that also happens to be a volcano is Mauna Kea, and it has an unmistakable presence in the skyline.

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Directions to Mountain View

From the city of Hilo and Hilo International Airport, head south on the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11) for over 14 miles. Then, you can then take a right onto North Lauko Road where your destination lies. Many visitors are able to make their way efficiently on a shuttle from the airport, which is an affordable option in comparison to taking a taxi.

Regardless of your itinerary, Mountain View is easily accessible along your road trip around the Big Island. It sits just seconds from the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11).

The adventurous atmosphere of this mountain town is a direct result of the biking and hiking trails through the lush, scenic landscape that surrounds the town. You can even find ATV tours of the area to experience even more nature. Instead of focusing on recreational activities in the ocean, you can wander through the stunning tropical rainforest of this landlocked town.

It's not unusual for visitors of Mountain View to catch glimpses of the morning and evening light against the towering, magnificent silhouette of Mauna Kea.


A Brief History of Mountain View

As a result of Mountain View’s proximity to fertile farmland, the town was once a site for sugar cane production and connected to the city of Hilo to boost the sugar trade. Now, the sugar industry in Hawaii has tapered off, leaving the town to find a new industry: coffee production. The town is dotted with coffee mills; one of which is the well-known Hilo Coffee Mill. More on that later!

The Mountain View Theater is a historic landmark, right in the commercial district. Thought to be haunted, the Mountain View Theater is just a reminder of the town’s existence many decades ago. The theater is important to the Big Island, as it is one of the last few remaining rural theaters in the area. The Mountain View Theater is on the list of Historic Hawaii Foundation’s historic properties, to preserve the history behind it’s unusual, Wild West-like façade.

Mountain View, though situated in the tropical rainforest of the Big Island, experiences warm but not extremely hot temperatures year-round. Its rainy seasons occur from November to May. The area is similar to other towns on the eastern side of the Big Island, making it easy to prepare for your adventures in Mountain View.

Hilo Coffee Mill


Hilo Coffee Mill is one of Mountain View's main attractions. It draws visitors in to experience authentic Hawaiian coffee in a tour that takes guests through the farm and shows them how coffee beans are roasted perfectly. Tours are, of course, finished with a sampling of the mill’s fine coffee. You can also grab the perfect souvenir to take home and enjoy at the Hilo Coffee Mill’s store, from roasted beans to at-home roasting options.

Hilo Coffee Mill is right in the heart of Mountain View, making it easy to add to any day’s itinerary while you’re visiting the town.

Photo provided by Coleman Farms

Coleman Farms


Thanks to the fertile farming land all around the Big Island, Mountain View visitors can stop by Coleman Farms. The small working farm spans 5 acres, growing coffee, tea, and honey to supply locals with fresh ingredients. The farm is even home to livestock such as sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and cattle despite the small space that the family works with.

Coleman Farms is located just south of Mountain View, accessed by driving down Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11) before turning right onto North Oshiro Road. Not long after that, you will reach your destination on the right.

Big Island Tea


With small beginnings in 2001, Big Island Tea has grown to be well-known for its quality, delicious Hawaii-grown teas. The acreage is home to over 6,000 tea trees. Big Island Tea’s Kilinoe Tea Forest is available for both group tours and private tours. In addition, the company holds workshops that teach visitors how green tea is processed, as well as sustainable tea growing practices.

To get to Big Island Tea, head south from Mountain View along the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11). Then, turn right onto North Glenwood Road, turning right again to stay on North Glenwood Road. After that, you will arrive!

Photo provided by Honi Wai Cafe

Honi Wai Cafe


Honi Wai Cafe offers a variety of island-style cuisines in a cozy, casual setting. Enjoy Hawaiian nachos, sandwiches, and sweet treats. And of course, you can’t leave without trying the delicious coffees and teas that the cafe offers and has sourced locally. The cafe offers a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options, making it the perfect stop that your whole family will enjoy.

Honi Wai Cafe is nestled in the center of Mountain View. To visit Honi Wai Cafe, head north along Volcano Road, passing Hilo Coffee Mill before arriving at the café, which is found on the right.

Photo provided by Dimple Cheek Cafe

Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market


Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market is another local restaurant that is easily found within Mountain View. The cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a comfortable atmosphere. There’s even a patio to enjoy the sunshine during your meal. Dishes at Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market include the Dimple Creek Burger, Ono fish tacos, and tamales. Go lighter with summer rolls that are filled with a variety of fresh vegetables to keep you refreshed after a long day of adventures.

Sit down for a delicious meal in no time by heading north on Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11), where Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market can be found just after the Kukui Camp Road intersection. 



Mountain View has all of the delicious stops you could ask for on a Hawaiian vacation!

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