Holualoa Things to Do

Things to Do near Holualoa Town on Big Island

Said to be the center for all things coffee, art, and farming, Holualoa is a charming place to stop during your trip on the Big Island. The Magic Sands Beach Park nearby provide a beautiful oasis that serves as a calm way to begin or end your day of exploring the coffee industry in the area.

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Directions to Holualoa

Holualoa is located on the western coast of the Big Island, 20 minutes south of the Kona International Airport. Holualoa is considered to be slightly off the beaten path from the typical tourist spots, located on the slopes of the dormant Hualalai volcano. By taking Highway 11, you can drive next to the coast, taking a right into the center of Holualoa just under 12 miles from the airport.

Holualoa is located along the Kona Coffee Belt, the Big Island’s ideal region for growing well-known, recognized Hawaiian coffee. This strip runs parallel to the gold coast and along Mount Hualalai.

A Brief History of Holualoa

The origins of Holualoa as an established center begins with the fertile soil and high amounts of rainfall that made agriculture a valuable industry in the area. Coffee, something that Holualoa is well-known for, was first planted in 1828 and remained one of the town’s industries. Beyond coffee, fields of sugar cane were also planted in Holualoa. Many historic buildings from this point in time still exist today as monuments, with interpretive signs to help you learn more about the town’s rich history. 

The town of Holualoa is often referred to as an artist’s enclave, which means that there is no shortage of art and culture to experience in this small yet mighty town.

Holualoa is also a vibrant town with constant celebrations and lively community events for whatever occasion you can imagine. One event that showcases Holualoa’s culture is the First Friday After Dark, which includes art, music, food, and cultural activities to celebrate on a regular basis. This occurs on the first Friday evening of every month. And of course, the town’s emphasis on coffee can’t be ignored; the Coffee and Art Stroll is the town’s annual celebration of Kona coffee and local art in the fall.

Beyond the town center are many small farms, nestled on the slopes of Mount Hualalai. Many of these small farms would be happy to have you and your family along for a tour to explore the process of farming on the Big Island or how coffee is farmed and roasted, a real farm-to-cup experience!

Holualoa’s climate is generally thought to be quite comfortable and slightly lower than average in terms of precipitation and the most pleasant in terms of heat and humidity from February to March. The area is hottest July through October.

Fun fact: Holualoa got its name from the ancient Hawaiian practice of sledding the long (loa) mountain slopes with wooden sleds (holua).

When planning your trip to the Big Island, keep these top four activities in mind to make sure you get the most out of your stay in Holualoa!

Mauka Meadows

The Mauka Meadows coffee farm is on the Kona Coffee Belt. The coffee farm is where many visitors are able to tour around a working coffee farm to see first-hand how a cup of coffee is made, right from the soil. Picture yourself enjoying a cup of coffee while walking in the lush botanical garden.

To experience a walk-through, begin your journey by taking Kuakini Highway (Highway 11) outside of the south end of the town, turning left to continue on this road. Then, turn right onto Hualalai Road and another left onto the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 180).

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee

A claim to fame of award-winning Kona coffee is a high standard to set, especially when Hawaii is known for its Kona Coffee Belt. Tour the Kona Coffee property with a free tasting of the coffee and a shop where you can purchase your very own bag (or two) of authentic Kona coffee!

To arrive at Hula Daddy Kona Coffee beginning at the center of Holualoa, head northwest on Highway 11, turning right onto Henry Street. Continue straight, then turn right onto Highway 190. Take one more right onto Highway 180, and you will arrive at the Hula Daddy Kona Coffee farm.

Glyph Art Gallery

The Glyph Art Gallery is a beautiful center for island artwork of many types, including photography, jewelry, wood carving, and more! Contemporary Hawaiian Artists have created a variety of paintings that feature the beautiful aspects of life on the Big Island, such as ranching and horses, palm trees, and marine life. 

Begin your trip to the gallery by heading southwest on Kuakini Highway from the center of Holualoa, then turning left to remain on this highway. Turn left onto Lako Street, then right onto Hualalai Road, and left onto Highway 180. The Glyph Art Gallery will be on the right.

There’s no doubt that there is plenty of activities to take part in in the town of Holualoa. Found on the western coast of the Big Island, Holualoa offers the coastal experience that every visitor to Hawaii craves, with the added benefit of rich culture and the interesting coffee industry. Coffee lovers alike will be satisfied with the many opportunities to learn more about the craft!

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