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Pohoiki Black Sand Beach

Just about a mile down the road from Ahalanui at the junction of Highway 137 and Pohoiki Road in Puna is one of the most popular beaches in the area. The popularity is proven by a large number of cars and trucks parked alongside the road daily. Isaac Hale is right on Pohoiki Bay which is the only place on the Puna coast to launch a boat. Since it is such a popular location, visitors are not usually welcomed with open arms. The surfing is excellent but only for the experts. 

Due to the most recent lava flow of Kilauea, the *new* Pohoiki Black Sand Beach (the area in front of the Pohoiki boat launch to be exact) was formed in August 2018. This beach park was extremely fortunate to have survived the lava flow activity. Pohoiki Bay was almost filled with lava, but the flow stopped just 230 ft. from the harbor. The future of this beach park is uncertain since new black sand beaches like this often wash away within a few years because no new sand is being provided.

Hwy 130 & Pohoiki Road were overrun by lava, but by November 2018 a new road between MacKenzie State Park and Pohoiki was cleared. The best way to get to the Isaac Hale Beach Park is to follow Hwy 130 (if you start in Pahoa) to the end, turn left onto Hwy 137, then drive to it ends at Pohoiki. 

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