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The Volcano Van is a personal guided tour provider serving the three main resort areas of the Big Island of Hawai'i.  They allow their guests to get an up-close look at the Big Island's great volcanoes, including world-famous Kilauea, the most active volcano on earth. Whether you're staying in the rainforests of Hilo, or the sun-drenched beaches of Kona and Kohala; they will pick you up and introduce you to a day full of unforgettable excitement. 

Private tours are also available - learn more below!

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One of the stops on The Volcano Van

One of the stops on The Volcano Van's Big Volcano Adventure - Pololu Valley

Visit The Volcano Van's Website to book your Volcano Adventure

Volcano Tour Packages

Big Island Adventures

The Volcano Van offers various tour packages including;  Kilauea Summit to Shore, The Big Island Big Volcano Adventure, Heavenly Hamakua, or Choose Your Own Big Island Experience.  We, at Hawaii Guide, highly recommend The Volcano Van to provide you with unforgettable Big Island adventure. 

Give our friends at The Volcano Van a call at (469) 546-5282 to book an unbelievable Big Island must see and do... a Big Island Volcano Tour or visit their website. →

  • The Big Volcano Adventure Prices

*Shared-$187.50/Adult or Exclusive-$364.58/Adult

Big Volcano Adventure Tour includes the following:
  • Kohala Coast, Kohala Mountain Road,
  • Mauna Ulu Eruption Area
  • Kilauea Steaming Bluffs, Volcano Summit, Caldera, Kilauea Iki Crater
  • Thurston Lava Tube and Kaumana Lava Tube
  • and so much more
  • More Information →
  • Heavenly Hamakua Tour Prices

*Shared-$166.67/Adult or Exclusive-$312.50/Adult​

Heavenly Hamakua Tour includes the following:
  • Rainbow Falls & Boiling Pots
  • Saddle Road
  • Waimea Town
  • Old Mamaloa Highway
  • Laupahoehoe Bay
  • Akaka Falls
  • Onomea Bay
  • and so much more
  • More Information →
  • The Kilauea Summit to Shore Tour Prices

*Shared-$166.67/Adult or Exclusive-$312.50/Adult

Kilauea Summit to Shore Tour includes the following:
  • The Big Island's Puna District
  • Kilauea Volcano Summit
  • Kilauea Caldera
  • Devastation Trail
  • The Red Road ( Hwy 137)
  • Kalapana Shores
  • and so much more
  • More Information →

Booking Inquiry with the Volcano Van

Please fill out all required fields below, including any questions you might have. Once the form is submitted, a representative from Volcano Van will be contacting you to answer your questions and/or confirm your dates and help complete your activity reservation. *Note: the total per tour is a max of 6.

Visit The Volcano Van's Website to book your Volcano Adventure

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