5 Sunset Activities to Explore for the Best Views of Maui


Everyone loves a sunset.

There’s something special about watching the end of the day and the promise of a new one in its place. It never gets old.

The magnificent islands of Hawaii offer some spectacular sunsets, and none better than those which are experienced while on Maui.

This island, with its vast western coastline, means no matter where you venture, or what you seek, Maui offers up unlimited opportunities to witness the night sky unfold.

Why not choose activities that can combine effortlessly with a stunning sunset.

The best of all worlds presents themselves both on the ocean and onshore. So, when you’re visiting this beautiful island and experiencing all it has to offer, don’t forget to witness mother nature in one of her best shows.

Look closely at these activities for the best Maui sunset vantage points.

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Fish swimming in the water that can be seen on sunset cruises in Maui

1. Take a Sunset Cruise

Whether for dinner or simply cocktails, a sunset cruise will have you soaking up the Maui sky in style. You’ll feel like you’re on a different planet, where you can forget the outside world even if it’s just for a few hours and relax while floating along in calm waters. Chatting with others or canoodling in a spot of your own together, this is romance and relaxation at its best.

A Maui sunset cruise. There’s nothing more to say except, where do we sign up?

Water and palm tree on a beach during sunset as you explore beaches in Maui

2. Be a Beach Baby

Love the beach? Maui has some of the best. Why not make a day of it and explore some of these to top off a perfect day. The sunset here will have you coming back again and again.

Kapalua Bay

A busy day in the areas around Kapalua bay is not complete without hanging around for the turning of the sky. Snorkeling and tasting the local foods may have taken your day, but this beach will make you understand why sunsets at Kapalua are the stuff of memories.

Water and beach during sunset at Secret Cove Beach in Maui

Secret Cove Beach

This one is a keeper. A favorite for locals and not too crowded with tourists, this beach is the perfect sunset in Maui to experience.

Also known as Makena Cove, this secluded beach has dark rocks contrasting in color with the soft sandy beach. Not a place for swimmers as the waves can get large, but its beauty outshines anything others may find detracting.

One not to be missed.

Keawakapu Beach

The sunsets on this beach have been described as some of the most romantic in Hawaii.

Lava rocks surround and protect this sacred-looking spot. The long sandy beach is inviting during the day but even more so as evening draws closer. Perfect for quiet nights and photographs to remind you that this is indeed a special place.

Water and beach during sunset at Wailea Beach in Maui

Wailea Beach

This is a very popular beach, so if you want romance and quiet choose another. Regardless, Wailea beach will leave its mark on your heart, with the sunsets here being a tourist attraction in themselves.

There are grassy areas to bring a picnic, or just take in the ocean sounds and the fragrant air.

Water and beach shoreline that is great for taking a walk as an activity to do at sunset in Maui

3. Let’s Take a Walk

Trail walks or simply an evening stroll contemplating life and love, walking is not only a great form of exercise but the perfect way to end your day in Maui.

You can guarantee part of the conversation will be when you plan to return.

Try these places for the best vantage points when you’re chasing the sunset.

Lahaina Pali Trail

This trail is not a beginner’s expedition, so make sure you know what to expect but many who partake in hiking this area understand the significance of seeing the Maui sunset and views from just that bit of higher ground.

Foreshore Walks

All the beaches and coastal areas around Maui offer the chance to simply walk at your leisure. Have an early dinner at a local restaurant and spend the evening strolling with your loved ones.

A man spinning fire at a sunset Luau in Maui

4. Experience a Sunset Luau

There are many opportunities to attend a Maui luau when visiting this stunning island. Pre-book to ensure your place is secured and spend the evening feasting, talking, creating memories, and don’t forget that sunset. The perfect way to end the evening. Warm night around fires cracking, watching the sky change in front of you.

Sounds like perfection to me.

An assortment of drinks and food on a blanket for a sunset picnic in Maui

5. Pack a Picnic

Make a plan to pack some local food into a bag and head off to your favorite Maui place. It may be a secret beach or a favored local spot you return to after discovering it on your last visit. Maui offers the best places no matter your preference.

Sure, food is available everywhere, but there’s something special about making an effort to go on a picnic adventure.

Sunsets here are a photographer’s dream, so don’t forget the camera.

Woman overlooking the water during sunset in Maui

Alternative Endings

Have you considered a hybrid approach? The best of the day's activities culminate in the sunset to top off your Maui experience.

Eat local fare. Grab some takeaway and sit on your favorite Maui beach to watch the sky show you its best.

Hire a canoe or kayak or take a tour and paddle out to watch the sunset from the water. This is a different experience and is recommended should you love being on the water in the evening.

Some people might tell you that a sunset is a sunset and that they are all the same.

Bah humbug! To such nay-sayers.

There will always be someone who wants to rain on your sunset parade, but you will soon know better. Maui brings out the best in the night sky, almost showing off its grandeur for the sole purpose of entertaining all who care to watch.

We all look for the little things that make us the happiest. For sunset lovers, it’s an easy smile.

Here’s to you, Maui.


Are you ready for the stunning Maui sunset? Let us take you there. Visit us for ways to see and do the best Maui has to offer. Then you’ll be ready to plan, book, pack…and go!

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