Just beyond mile marker 45 on the Hana Highway after it turns into Highway 31 you'll reach one of the most gorgeous falls in all of Hawai'i, Wailua Falls. You will cross a bridge where its stream waters pass under the road. As noted, this falls in on Honolewa Stream and not Wailua stream. There is a parking lot immediately off to the makai side after you pass the falls. Wailua Falls gracefully cascades 80 feet through a lush setting in the surrounding vegetation just feet from the road. There is a short path to the base of the falls, but it can be tricky so use caution. The water flow varies but is usually pretty at any rate throughout the year. Upstream exists Kekuapo'owai Falls, but unfortunately it is only visible by helicopter. Pua'a Lu'u Falls and another small waterfall (Hahalawe Falls) are both located a little farther down the road from Wailua Falls. There's a pullout on the side of the road past the bridge at Pua'a Lu'u Falls, and the short path (look for the giant tree) downstream to the falls is also worth a brief stop. The falls seen here to the right is Wailua Falls after a heavy rain.

John Derrick
Published on: 08-14-2017
Published by: John C. Derrick

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