Between mile markers 14 and 16 on the Hana Highway there are several dirt and/or broken pavement pullouts on the makai side of the road that will provide really beautiful lookouts.

Most are as good as any other, but the two we've noted next are our favorites and are worth a quick stop. Makai, around mile marker 14, there is a pullout that overlooks the Hana Highway and Honomanu Bay back to your left. There is a huge parking lot on the mauka side of the highway here. This is a perfect location to take a picture of the winding highway along with Honomanu Bay. Down the road a bit further is another pullout, this time on a steep embankment with trees on top. This is the last place you can see such an expansive view of the highway as it twists and turns around the shore heading for Hana Town.

The last stop is particularly impressive, however, because while the Hana Highway is beautiful on the left, the view of Ke'anae Peninsula on the right is perfect from this vantage point.

John Derrick
Published on: 07-18-2016
Published by: John C. Derrick

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