This Road to Hana on Maui article is a continuation of our 2011 series on the Hana Highway.

During our last Maui visit, we decided we'd finally count all those bridges between the start of Highway 360 and Hana town. What actually counted as a "bridge" seemed debatable between me and my wife, so we've put a question mark (?) beside anything below that may not technically be a bridge. In any event, hopefully, this list will prove useful for anyone who's interested in the bridge locations. We should note these are recorded via our car's odometer and NOT by the mile markers on the highway. The mile markers on the Highway start off pretty close to the car odometer, but as you continue along the route they eventually get 3/10th of a mile off, and by the end of the drive are nearly 8/10th's of a mile off (go figure?). So again, these bridge locations are a straight shot using the car's odometer. We should also note that we didn't officially start counting until the odometer read 3.9, so we may have missed a bridge or two at the start (and we accidentally forgot to count on later drives, our apologies).

If navigating all these one-lane bridges is not or you, you can always choose to sit back, relax and be a passenger on our favorite Road to Hana tour company, with Valley Isle Excursions.

John Derrick
Published on: 04-17-2018
Published by: John C. Derrick

MM 2
MM 3.9 ?
MM 4.1
MM 4.2 ?
MM 4.9
MM 5.6
MM 6.0
MM 6.8
MM 7.6
MM 8.0
MM 8.3
MM 9.0
MM 9.6
MM 10.7
MM 11.1
MM 12.8
MM 13.3
MM 15
MM 15.7
MM 16.4
MM 17.1
MM 17.6
MM 19.6
MM 19.8

MM 20.6
MM 20.7
MM 20.8
MM 21.1?
MM 21.3
MM 21.7
MM 21.8
MM 22
MM 22.1
MM 22.4
MM 22.5
MM 22.6
MM 22.8 ?
MM 22.9
MM 23.5
MM 23.6 (2) ?
MM 24.5
MM 24.7
MM 24.9
MM 25.4
MM 25.9
MM 26.0

MM 26.2
MM 26.4 (2)
MM 27.2
MM 27.3
MM 27.4
MM 27.7
MM 28.5
MM 28.9
MM 29.2
MM 29.5
MM 29.6 ?
MM 29.9

In Hana Town

GuideofUS Hawaii encourages all visitors, prior to visiting the Hana area, to please refer to the official Hana Highway Code of Conduct, provided by the Hana Highway Regulation, An initiative of the Hana Community Association. Mahalo!

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