Kapolei Things to Do

Things to Do near Kapolei Town on Oahu

Kapolei offers a unique island experience that blends the convenience of the larger cities such as Honolulu with the small-town charm that many visitors and locals treasure. Kapolei is one of the larger cities on Oahu, so many outdoor patios offer the ultimate dining experience—delicious food and uncompromised views of the ocean and palm trees.

The city is home to many residents, both permanent and part-time, with the opportunity to enjoy plenty of diverse communities and resorts.

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Recreational activities in Kapolei are abundant, so come ready to relax and have fun! Annual community events include the Aloha Festival, Aloun Farms’ Pumpkin Patch, and the Kapolei City Lights Electric Light Parade. Of course, get ready to have fun at the famous Wet ‘n'Wild water park, vast beaches, as well as hiking and biking trails.

If you’re a golfer, make sure to practice your swing for your time in Kapolei! The area is full of many championship golf courses. Some of the golf courses you can enjoy include Coral Creek Golf Course, Ewa Beach Golf Club, Kapolei Golf Club - Pacific Links International, and West Loch Golf Course. If your family doesn’t want to come along on your golfing day, rest assured that there are plenty of parks that are ideal for picnics and sports.

A brief history of Kapolei

Kapolei was first acknowledged in 1955 as a potential place to set roots in the Estate of James Campbell’s “Ewa Master Plan.” James Campbell was an Irish carpenter who made his way to the Hawaiian islands in 1850, staking claim to a very large set of acres on Oahu. This first vision included plans for the land where Kapolei now exists to be used for agriculture as well as industrial and commercial uses. In 1958, this plan was realized in the form of Standard Oil Company.

As time went on, the outlook on the area changed drastically. Campbell Estate dedicated the 73-acre Kapolei Regional Park to the City & County of Honolulu in 1994. Now, Kapolei continues to make significant shifts to adjust and welcome many visitors as the interest in Hawaii grows more and more!

Kapolei, Did You Know?

Kapolei is said to be one of the fastest-growing cities in Hawaii, with a population growth of 60% over the past 15 years. Kapolei offers convenience, spaciousness, and a unique sense of relaxation that can be seen as a break from the adventure-focused vacation.

Directions to Kapolei

Kapolei is one of the towns on the southern end of the island of Oahu, making it a good first stop after landing in Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. The route mainly includes taking the Highway 1 West to Palehua Road. From there, take Kualakai Parkway to Kalehuna Street. You’ve arrived! With only 24 minutes from the airport to your adventures in Kapolei, it’s easy to make the town your first stop on your Oahu trip itinerary.

Ko’Olina Beach Park

Ko’Olina Beach Park is a popular destination on the island of Oahu, attracting many visitors to see and enjoy the four stunning beach coves called the Ko'Olina Lagoons. These human-made coves are carefully crafted swimming holes that were created as part of the Marriott Ko’Olina beachfront resort. The swimming holes are the ideal area for swimmers since they are protected from harsh waves that could otherwise make the cove too dangerous.

To get to Ko’Olina Beach Park, drive 20 minutes west of Kapolei along Highway 93, taking the exit towards Ko’Olina and continue on Ali-Inui Drive to Waipahe place, where you will be greeted by the beautiful ocean views and gentle waves.

Image Provided by Wet-n-Wild Hawaii

Wet‘n'Wild Hawaii

What better way to spend warm sunny days than at the family favorite Wet ‘n'Wild Hawaii Water Park? Named one of the top ten family spots in all of Oahu, Wet'  n'Wild is a must-do during your family trip to Oahu! From chill to extreme rides, there’s something for everyone, no matter the age. Try the Waimea Whirl!

The water park is a mere 10-minute drive from Kapolei. From the city center, take Opuku Street to Kamaaha Avenue, then continue onto Makakilo. After the right turn, you will arrive at your destination, ready for a day in the sun!

Paradise Cove Beach

Lined with palm trees, Paradise Cove Beach offers the perfect conditions for all the swimming and sunbathing that you could want in a day on the island of Oahu. The beach is protected from the open ocean, making it a safe place to relax and enjoy the ocean-atmosphere. Snorkel with the sea turtles and swim with the fish at Paradise Cove Beach!

Just 13 minutes from Kapolei, you can find yourself enjoying the beautiful scenery of Paradise Cove Public Beach. From Kapolei, take Highway 93, exiting after about 4 miles toward Ko’Olina. Follow Ali’inui Drive straight to the cove!

Image provided by My Cafe

My Cafe

Stop for an authentic cup of Kona coffee from the Hawaiian coffee plantations at Kapolei’s My Cafe. The cafe is also known for its specialty, ono, which is a Hawaiian fish that is similar to a king mackerel. Above all else, this cafe and restaurant strives to serve as many local ingredients as possible in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. Stop by and stay awhile at My Cafe!

My Cafe is located in the Haleku'ai Center, which is nestled next to the Kapolei Regional Park. The cafe is just off of Highway 1, but the simplest route is to take the Kamaaha Avenue to Kapooka Place, where the destination will be on the left after a few right turns.

Monkeypod Kitchen

Make sure you come hungry when you arrive in Kapolei! Among the countless restaurants in the city, make sure that you put Monkeypod Kitchen on your list of must-visits. The restaurant supports local ranches, farms, and fisheries. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience, head to the restaurant for dinner to enjoy a dinner on the well-lit outdoor patio.

You’ll find the delicious dishes that Monkeypod Kitchen has to offer just 16 minutes from the center of Kapolei. Take Highway 93 for about 4 miles, then take the exit toward Ko’Olina. From there, continue on Ali’inui Drive all the way to your destination.

Those are our top Kapolei stops. Enjoy our vacation!

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