Oahu Heiau

Waianae Cultural Sight

If you’ve been researching different things to do in Hawaii, you may have already come across the term heiau, but if you haven’t, heiau can be translated to temple. This means that Ku'ilioloa Heiau is a site that was once a place of worship and a temple for ancient indigenous Hawaiians. Even more, interestingly, the term Ku'ilioloa has been translated to “the longdog Ku” and is believed to have been named after a dog that protected travelers.

The site is home to three platforms constructed out of rock and other natural materials and looks like a grassy platform. Ku'ilioloa Heiau was once a place for education for ancient Hawaiians, with lessons such as fishing and navigation taking place on its grounds.

Ku'ilioloa Heiau is especially interesting to visit as it lies with the backdrop of the stunning ocean, making it especially memorable and a great photo opportunity. Because of its proximity to the ocean, many visitors have been able to do some whale watching and dolphin sightseeing from the coastline!

Kuilioloa Heiau is located on the western coast of Oahu. Depending on where you begin, your journey to Ku'ilioloa Heiau will likely begin by heading west on I-H-1 West then taking Farrington Highway and Highway 93 West to Pokai Bay Street in Waianae. When you approach the opportunity, turn left onto Pokai Bay and you’ve arrived at Ku'ilioloa Heiau. The site is easily accessible by foot and is an easy hike to get to once you’ve parked.

Victoria Derrick
Published on: 09-10-2020
Published by: Victoria C. Derrick

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