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Kapiolani Park, named after the Queen of the same name, is a triangular stretch of grassy land presided over by Diamond Head crater.

This park is chock full of amusements, from the 42-acre Honolulu Zoo to the Waikiki Shell, home to many outdoor concerts and shows. There are also tennis courts, soccer fields, an archery range, and even a 3-mile jogging course, which encompasses part of the Honolulu Marathon Course. Local families and tourists alike enjoy the shady picnic sites and open grassy areas. The Royal Hawaiian Band provides free concerts every Sunday afternoon in the Kapiolani Bandstand.

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The beautiful fountain at Kapiolani Park

The beautiful fountain at Kapiolani Park

Before European settlement, Queen Kapioalani Park was originally an area filled with marshlands and lagoons, and was the site of an ahupua'a.  This was royal land that contained all of the community's resources: fertile land for farming taro, trees, and lagoons for farming fish.  The ahupua'a was within the watershed, encompassing the land between the mountains and the ocean.

In 1877, King Kalakaua decided to claim the area for himself and drained the marshes and lagoons, added his collections of rare birds, and named the park in honor of his wife.

Enjoy some quiet time at Kapiolani Park

Enjoy some quiet time at Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park is located at the east end of Waikiki Beach and is bordered by Kalakaua Avenue, Monsarrat Avenue, and Paki Avenue. Metered and free parking are available along the street and in two lots located beside the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Shell.

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