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Caves are always interesting to explore and Kaneana Cave is no different. Kaneana Cave, otherwise known as Makua Cave, is believed to be 150,000 years old and is found on the Leeward Coast.

While being an interesting natural formation, Kaneana Cave also serves as a place of cultural and historical significance and was home to rituals and religious ceremonies. Kaneana Cave is named after the Hawaiian god Kane, who represents the god of creation. This cave is believed to be the beginning of human creation, which is why the cave was named after Kane.

Kaneana Cave is a particularly interesting site for everyone, including family with kids. This is because the site provides an educational opportunity for its visitors to learn about how ancient Hawaiians used to use caves. There’s a place within the cave where offerings were made. Since the cave is somewhat small, it provides the perfect break along your road trip to stretch your legs and explore for a bit.

Kaneana Cave isn’t an official tourist attraction, so the site itself is not marked. To find the cave, try to look for a concrete barrier in front of the cave across the street from where the parking lot is.

Driving directions to get to the cave begin by heading south on Farrington Highway from Kaena Point - this direction will be the easiest to approach the cave from. However, most visitors approach their entire coastal road trip from the south of the island, in which case you would want to take I-H-1 West to Highway 93 West. Once you’ve passed Mākaha Beach Park, you will soon arrive at the cave.

Victoria Derrick
Published on: 09-10-2020
Published by: Victoria C. Derrick

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