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The Hawaii State Art Museum is home to intriguing artifacts, stunning landscapes, and so much more. The museum itself is located in the southeastern corner of the island of Oahu, right along Highway 72. You can easily make this museum a stop along your road trip along the coastline of the island.

The museum’s HISAM Sculpture Garden serves as a refreshing and relaxing oasis filled with lush greenery in place of the building’s original pool.

Exhibits at the Hawaii State Art Museum continue to evolve and rotate, making it always a unique experience, even for recurring visitors. As of spring 2020, the Hawaii State Art Museum is featuring exhibits Emphasized: Eye On Scale, In Hawai‘i, and student artwork displays.

Relax and take in all the historical information at the artisanal cafe located within the museum. The cafe is a great place for an afternoon break, with coffee beverages as well as breakfast and lunch options that feature local ingredients and cuisines.

Of course, you can take home a piece of your experience by stopping in the Hawaii State Art Museum gift shop, which is filled with interesting contemporary artworks and other pieces from local vendors and artists.

Fortunately, the Hawaii State Art Museum doesn’t charge admission, making it a great activity for a larger group or family without the need to make it a full day affair. For more information about the Hawaii State Art Museum and what exhibits are currently featured at the museum, visit the state website here.

Victoria Derrick
Published on: 09-10-2020
Published by: Victoria C. Derrick

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