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If you’re interested in Hawaiian history and culture, Hale o Lono Heiau is the perfect place for you to visit along the north shore of the island of Oahu. The significant cultural and historic site is considered to be the largest and oldest historical site excavated in Hawaii so far. Of course, this means that for anyone interested in ancient Hawaiian culture must stop to see this particular sight.

Nestled in the Waimea Valley is the historical and beautiful site of Hale o Lono Heiau. This cultural site is dedicated to the Hawaiian god, Lono, and was once a place of worship. Lono is one of the four Hawaiian gods. It’s believed to have been constructed as early as 1470 AD. in fact, the name Hale o Lono Heiau means House of Lono.

Who is Lono? What does this Hawaiian god represent? As with the other Hawaiian gods, Lono represents a collection of symbols and daily occurrences. Lono specifically represents fertility, music, agriculture, rainfall, and peace.

During the rainy season, Lono is believed to be the prevalent god. Within this time frame, Lono is honored by days of rest, celebration, and sport, as well as offerings of food and various items. Human sacrifices didn’t occur here regularly.

While the worship of Lono isn’t as popular as it used to be, there are still Hawaiians that worship him, so this site is frequented by locals as well as tourists.

Victoria Derrick
Published on: 09-16-2020
Published by: Victoria C. Derrick

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